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5 Emotional Selena Gomez Songs

The American singer, songwriter, producer, and entrepreneur, is a well-known icon worldwide. Whether it’s her emotional documentary, makeup brand Rare Beauty, good looks, kind heart, outstanding performances, acting role on Hulu, or blockbuster songs, the multitalented star is an international phenomenon.

Gomez recently became one of the most followed people on Instagram, boasting more than 424 million followers. She recently dropped a post on Instagram hinting that she may be recording new songs.

While waiting for her new albums, let’s review five brilliant songs that showcase her talent.

1 – The Heart Wants What It Wants

This song is allegedly about the singer’s emotionally and mentally draining relationship with Justin Bieber. The song opens with a tearful monologue, where Gomez shares her reflection on her relationship with Bieber, describing it as an unhealthy obsession and addiction. She refers to it as a “fever” and believes her relationship was unhealthy due to Bieber’s prioritization of his music, cheating, and inadequate career support.

Despite receiving psychiatric guidance, and advice from friends and family, Gomez refuses to give up on her relationship, stating that her heart wants what it wants, despite the emotional turmoil. The song highlights that her love is a powerful feeling that keeps her pursuing an unhealthy relationship despite various reasons not to.

2 – Back to You

Her emotional, yet powerful song has to do with feelings for an old lover, even though they are both in different relationships and stages in life. The singer considers what went wrong in the previous relationship and how she would go back and do things differently if she could.

The chorus appeals to her lover to recognize her urge to return to him, despite the fact that he has hurt her numerous times. Another obstacle that stands in their way is their current relationships, as they implied that both are involved with other people. Despite all the difficulties they had in the past, the bridge symbolizes her desire to return to her ex-lover. The love ballad’s overarching theme is that she wants to be back with him despite all the time that has passed and all the hurt he caused.

3 – Lose You to Love Me

This song is about understanding that sometimes a romantic relationship needs to end for a person to start accepting their worth, beginning to love themselves, prioritizing their needs, and discovering their wants. The song considers all the warning signs that went unnoticed while dating and thus emphasizes the necessity of letting go of that person to rebuild self-love and self-worth.

The key takeaway I had was that sometimes letting go of someone we love is necessary to love oneself genuinely. Gomez strongly emphasizes the necessity of realizing that her love was not entirely reciprocated and accepting the reality that she must go on. Thus, the song focuses on coming out of a relationship as a mentally and emotionally stronger individual.

4 – Boyfriend 

This next song is about seeking a lover to cure loneliness. The singer shares that she constantly meets “dead ends” and “wrong ones” in her search for the one, leaving her disappointed. She wants to be in a committed relationship but needs help finding the right one, acknowledging that “there is a difference between a want and a need.”

While some nights, the loneliness creeps in and leaves her wanting companionship, she usually understands that a relationship does not guarantee feeling better about herself. Overall, this song is about the frustration people feel while dating because they often meet the wrong people and struggle with loneliness. Moreover, it stresses the message that a relationship is a “want” and not a “need.” Thus, people can feel adequate, sufficient, and well-loved even if they are single.

5 –  People You Know 

Lastly, this song examines how the end of a relationship can take a toll on someone’s mental and emotional health. The lyrics express how embracing the thought that people can change from being close to strangers in moments might be challenging.

Her vocals contrast, “you were running through me like water,” with, “now the feeling’s leaving me dry,” to demonstrate how people can be integral parts of each other’s lives one day and be painful memories the next. The song addresses that relationship transitions often leave people feeling hurt, empty, confused, and regretful.


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