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Classic Empowering Period Films Highlighting Strong Women

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Updated March 2023

If you are looking for a new genre to start watching to switch up your normal replays, I would greatly suggest these period pieces/historical dramas. Fictional or not, these movies provide a way to look back on an unknown past in a relatable and compassionate way. The girls in all these films have such brave and likable spirits that make you fall in love with the movies. I would also suggest reading each of these books if that is more your style and would like a greater look at each of these powerful women’s stories.

  • Little Women

Little Women is of course the classic period film no matter what remake you watch. Whether you read the novel or watch the movie, you still get the beautiful story of the March sisters. Set in 1868, the four March sisters have an unbreakable bond due to certain events in their lives that draw them together despite some rising feuds. It follows their lives, and them finding and chasing their passions. Jo March played by Soarise Ronan in the 2019 remake is truly inspiring in her monologue expressing how much women have to offer society that may not be seen by all. Little Women is a tearjerker but also a must watch for everyone everywhere.

  • Emma.

Emma. is a film released this year based off of Jane Austen’s novel. Emma is a young woman in 1815 trying to help her new friend find the perfect love. Little does she know, she will find some of her own despite her refusal on multiple accounts. This movie is lighthearted and joyous to watch, and the scenery makes it ten times better. Everything about Emma. is visually pleasing which adds so much to the spirit of the movie. It is the perfect mixture of historical fiction, romance, and comedy all in one.

  • Pride and Prejudice

Another classic movie for time in need of a tear shed, Pride and Prejudice is always there for you. Another great adaptation of Jane Austen’s famous work, Elizabeth Bennett is becoming of age to where she is needed to marry quickly in order to save the family legacy. When the rich and handsome, Mr. Darcy comes into town, her parents seize the moment for an introduction only to be rudely pushed away by him. Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth continue to form a strange love-hate relationship that oddly makes you want to travel back to 1812 and join the Bennett sisters in search of love and happiness despite your differences.

  • The Duchess

The Duchess shows an inside look of the harsh realities inside the marriage of Georgiana, the Duchess of Devonshire. It gives a sad perspective on what is going on behind the seemingly perfect scenes. Kiera Knightly gives an incredible performance that fills you with sorrow for Georgiana. Georgiana is unable to “play her part” in her marriage contract which deeply impacts her life, her new friend Bess’, and her new found lover. It gives a great look on an unknown part of history.

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