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Christmastime: The Alabama Theater

Christmastime is always the best time of the year. There’s lights on the trees, songs being sung, and cookies being made for Santa. My family and I love Christmas, but more importantly, we love our Christmas traditions. We have many; my sister and I always open our christmas gifts from each other on Christmas Eve. I love all of our Christmas traditions, but there is one that I love more than anything: Alabama Theater. 

Alabama Theater

Every year for a while now my family will go to the Alabama Theater to watch a Christmas movie. The first time we ever did this was when we went and watched White Christmas and it was magical. When you go, they begin the show with trivia about the movie. When the movie is about to start, an organ comes out from under the stage and starts to play Christmas music.

They will even play Christmas carols for people in the audience to sing along to!  It truly feels magical in that theater when the movie begins playing because of how beautiful the rooms are. The theater looks like it’s right out of a movie scene. 

Christmas Memories

I remember one particular night when my family decided that we wanted to see Christmas Vacation. We were so excited, then we started to see people in weird costumes enter the theater. The movie starts and my mother and sister are horrified the whole time while watching the movie! It was the funniest thing I ever saw! 

I love this tradition so much because it helps me make lasting memories with my family and it helps me understand that I should appreciate my time with them. Because at the end of the day, Christmastime is about family and making memories and I am so grateful that the Alabama Theater helps me make memories with my family. 


Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays to all our Girl Spring contributors!

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