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Change Your Life in Six Months: Guest Post by Freya

Want to change your life in six months… here’s how


Have you ever said the sentence “I’ll start tomorrow”? Yep, me too. Our minds create a vicious cycle, tricking ourselves into thinking that eating healthier will start tomorrow, the exercise will start tomorrow, we’ll start our homework tomorrow… but tomorrow just never seems to come. To prevent this from happening, I want you to commit to six months of working on yourself and transforming your life.


In six months, you can literally CHANGE your life. By focusing on implementing habits and sticking to them, you will build up routine and also discipline. After being disciplined for 6 months, you’ll find it hard to go back, and that’s where the long-term change begins. These days, everyone is looking for a quick fix but consistency and balance is key. By taking six months to work on yourself, you are respecting the need for balance, and building realistic routines in the meantime.


  1. Going to bed late/ sleeping in every. single. day

    Girl, fix your sleep schedule. Try going to bed 15-30 minutes earlier each night until you reach a time you are happy with. Set an alarm for the morning and (try) to wake up when it goes off!

  2. Eating poorly

    Our diet can affect our mood, acne, energy levels and of course our physical health. Try to incorporate some fruits and veggies, but remember to keep it balanced with some of your favorite foods as well.

  3. Spending too much time on screens

    Spending too much time scrolling through social media or YouTube can be really draining – put down the phone and pick up a good book instead!


  1. Reading

    Reading can help you destress and either dive into a story or learn about a topic, such as self-help or crypto currency. Some of my favs include “good vibes, good life,” “the secret,” and “atomic habits.”

  2. Drink more water

    Drinking water has so many benefits, including aiding with sleep and helping with acne. Try to drink around 2 liters (about half a gallon) each day.

  3. Journaling/ Meditation

    Both of these activities can help clear the mind and destress after a long day. I love to use the ‘calm’ app for meditations, but searching them up on YouTube works as well!


  1. ‘Decide on the kind of life you want, and say no to anything that isn’t that’

  2. ‘Your mind is a powerful thing. When you fill it with positive thoughts your life will start to change’

  3. ‘You will never change your life until you change something you do daily’

  4. ‘Day one or one day – you choose’

  5. ‘Today is your opportunity to build the tomorrow you want’


So, six months from now you can be in the same place, or you can have a completely upgraded life. Staying in the same place you’re in is hard. Working to change that is also hard. Choose your hard.


For more on sleep habits read “Bedtime Habits for Productive Sleep” by Sherrod Wilbanks.

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