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    Fate Can Be Punctual (unless something different happens)

    Woke up with my alarm clock screaming at me
    “Time to face your fear!”
    Put on a hoodie and grabbed my soul
    With sweaty palms as I went downstairs.
    and snatched my face awakening me
    to the essay I hadn’t written
    Goosebump bugs crawling over my body
    from the tongue in my mouth I had bitten.
    My ears blasting music out the window
    Of my dad’s crazy speeding car
    I blink, we’re there, my startled eyeballs roll
    Spinning on the blue and red lights flashing
    On the lifelike dolls lying outside the school door.
    Fate can be punctual,
    But don’t rely on it
    Unless something different happens
    I’m glad I left when my shoes said to run.
    Sweat melted my face as if I were an ice cube,
    Back at home I felt like a beached dead white whale.
    As my thumbs stiffly tapped via Instagram
    And read about the deaths of the late students.
    Who’d arrived early feeling confident about
    The essays they had written.
    Until something different happened….