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A Poem: Timeless Whispers of Childhood

In fields of green where wildflowers bloom

Under skies of endless blue

I ran with joy

no thoughts of gloom

A child with dreams so new.


Laughter echoed through the trees

A symphony of innocence

Time stood still, a gentle breeze

In moments of pure brilliance.


The world was wide

a playground vast

Each day a fresh adventure

In my heart, those times held fast

A treasure trove, a rapture.


Climbing trees and chasing light

Feet bare on sunlit paths

Whispers of the stars at night

A life untouched by wrath.


Through the years

I’ve grown and changed

Yet something stays the same

A spark within, a heart unchained

A love for childhood’s flame.


Though the world turns and years unfold,

And age we can’t deny

Deep inside, I’m still consoled,

By the child who never says goodbye.


In moments quiet, I return,

To fields where dreams began,

A part of me will always yearn,

To hold a younger hand.


For memories are like the stars,

That light our darkest skies,

And though life’s journey takes us far,

A child within us lies.


Passionate Teen from the Bay Area in CA. Loves to bake and play basketball and attends Dublin High School.

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