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Best Style Tips & Advice for 2021

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Teenage years can sometimes be quite a confusing stage of life. During this period your whole body is changing and the clothes you simply adored even yesterday no longer seem to fit or appeal to you. Not only is your body changing, but you’re starting to notice serious changes in what you like or can no longer stand.

You are also starting to develop and define your own personal style, particularly when it comes to clothes and jewelry. Ad you also start notice boys, and maybe even kind of hope that they’re noticing you too. With all of those changes happening, trying to stay on top of the latest fashion trends may just seem like too much. But don’t worry, we got you!

Gemstones are always in

One thing that’s as sure as the sky is blue is that gemstone jewelry is extremely popular this year. This has been a trend on the rise for quite some time now, so it’s safe to say that it will only continue to go strong. Stackable rings, dainty necklaces and cute earrings are just some of the options you need to check out. Find an authentic gemstone jewelry site, browse their offer and see which pieces you can use to express your personal style and embellish your every look this season. And remember, while friendship bracelets will always be near and dear to all of us, it’s time to slowly start growing your big girl jewelry collection.

The secret is in layering

Layered looks will dominate 2021, no matter if we’re talking about jewelry or clothes! Current fashion trends suggest that more is more, and we are happy to oblige. Flannel shirts, denim jackets, colorful sneaker and band tees are where it’s at in 2021, so go ahead and stock up on these. Remember, there really are no rules when it comes to mastering the art of layering except these two – have fun and explore!

Bomber jackets are bomb

Bomber jackets are another cute fashion trend we see making a big comeback. So, if you have an older sister, sneak into her closet and look for a bomber jacket. Chances are you’ll most definitely find one. If not, it’s high time you and your friends hit up your local mall and go through all of the available options. Just a heads-up – you’ll find so many cute bomber jackets you may end up having difficult time choosing just one.

Short shorts and oversized sweaters

The easiest way to ensure that you not only look cute but are comfy as well is to grab your favorite pair of short shorts and top the look off with an oversized sweater. Of course, if you decide to wear this combo to school, make sure that your shorts is of the appropriate length. For some additional pizzazz, layer your shorts over some colorful leggings. This way you’ll both stay warm and look incredibly trendy. For a more edgy vibe, put on some Doc Marten’s boots and get ready to turn some heads.

Put a pin in pinafore dresses

Finally, pinafore dresses are a great choice no matter your age or the time of the year. They can be layered over tank tops and will look as equally cute as if you layered them over your favorite turtleneck or sweatshirt. Checkered, denim, corduroy or even woolen, pinafore dresses are something you can never go wrong with.


These are just some of the best style tips you should keep in mind in 2021. As you continue to grow and change, so will your style. So, feel free to experiment with different jewelry and outfit choices until you find the things you’re truly vibing with.

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