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Best Birmingham Restaurants

Because of all the time spent in town this summer, my family and I have been exploring restaurants around Birmingham to change up meal time in our house. After trying lots of new places and returning to some of our long-time favorites, I have compiled a list of some delicious restaurants in Birmingham. The list is divided into two groups: restaurants only offering to-go/curbside pickup and restaurants offering to-go and dine-in options.


1) Lé Fresca (Italian): 

Located in downtown Birmingham, this restaurant has been my family’s go-to for takeout and dine-in. The service is fabulous, and the food is so delicious. It is a nice restaurant and the food can get expensive, but it is worth every penny. Of the many times I have been since its recent opening, I have yet to dislike anything I have ordered.

2) Ono Poke (Hawaiian):

Located in Homewood and the Pizitz Food Hall in downtown Birmingham, Ono Poke is a great option for those who love poke bowls. There are so many different bowl options and ways to customize them to your liking. It is a very casual restaurant and a great option for a quick, easy, and fresh meal.    

3) Big Bad Breakfast:

This restaurant is my favorite place to go whenever I am in the mood for breakfast. The menu is very large with so many different options: healthy, sweet, salty, hardy, etc. I never get tired of going and love trying new things each time. There are two locations: Homewood and Hoover.  

4) Martins (Bar-B-Que):

Martins is the perfect place to eat with large groups, families, children, etc. It has a great atmosphere with indoor and outdoor seating. Not to mention, the bar-b-que is incredible. It is such a fun and casual restaurant located in Vestavia Hills. 

5) Abhi (Asian):

Located at The Summit and in Mountain Brook Village, Abhi is a nice restaurant with amazing Asian cuisine. Everything on the menu tastes so fresh and delicious. It is a great place to go for a nice event or even just going out with friends or family.  


1) Jinsei (Japanese):

Jinsei has been one of my favorite restaurants for a long time, and I never get tired of going. It is fancy and can get expensive, but the food is so delicious and worth the price. It is a great place to go for celebrations, date night, or a nice night out with friends or family. The portion sizes are small and make for many options to try and share. This restaurant is located in Homewood.

2) Bottega Cafe (Italian):

Located in downtown Birmingham, Bottega is a fancy restaurant to eat for special occasions and nice events. The restaurant has a historic Italian flare and is great for a long night of dining. The food is devine with all sorts of options. The atmosphere is fun and makes for a great experience.  

3) Brick & Tin:

This restaurant not only has great food, but the atmosphere is bright and clean. The main foods are salads and sandwiches, which are all delicious. It tastes so fresh and never leaves me disappointed. It is located in Mountain Brook Village.

4) Olexa’s (French):

Not only does Olexa’s have fabulous cakes for all sorts of events, but it also has great food. It is located in Mountain Brook Village and is designed to look like a European streetscape. The food is delicious, and their baked goods are hard to beat. 

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