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Back to School Tips

Back to school is coming up soon! Here are some tips to better prepare you.

1 – Wardrobe refresh

A fresh wardrobe is always a good start for back to school. Even though you may think that you need to buy ten new outfits and three pairs of those new trendy sneakers, and even some new jewelry, you can still refresh your closet on a budget. Try making new cuts on your old clothes or dying them at home for a fresh look!

2 – Clean!

Although cleaning seems like the worst task of this whole list, cleaning is key for a fresh start. Make sure you clean and organize your desk at home if you have one, along with your backpack and other necessities. If you’re going to have a locker, make sure to give it a quick wipe down as well.

3 – Talk

If you’re worried about making friends and getting yourself out there, practice your communication skills. This can be done by brainstorming conversation starters or talking to someone you already know. Most people are also worried about making friends, so taking the first step can go a long way. One easy way to start talking to someone is by giving them a compliment!

4 – School Supplies

Have the correct school supplies and this can take you a long way! Good quality binders, folders, and notebooks are a must have to keep your things organized. Always having a sharpened pencil to do your work, as well as highlighters will set you up for success. If you have a locker this year, make sure to have at least one locker shelf to keep things together and in the right place.

5 – Glow-up

Everyone talks about having a major glow up before going back to school, but what does that actually mean? Most people think of dyeing their hair or getting their braces off, but a glow-up should be more internal than external. A glow-up should involve becoming a better and healthier person, meaning that when start drinking your water, eating healthier, making amends, and journaling daily, you will have a glow-up!


Now that you’ve prepped your things, click here to see how you can prep a good, tasty lunch for school!

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