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    movie recommendations

    Who doesn’t love to have a good movie night with their friends? It is always something fun to do with friends for a sleepover. If you need some movie recommendations for your next movie night, well you’re in luck! Here is a list: 


    • “10 Things I Hate About You” – a fun rom-com movie that follows two sisters that are polar opposites as they navigate high school and romance. But there is a twist. One sister isn’t allowed to date, until her sister does. However, she thinks that is completely impossible, as she has no interest in guys or dating, and in fact is known to be scary around the school. Such a fun and easy watch if you are interested in a somewhat cheesy plot with nice aesthetics. 


    • “To All The Boys I Loved Before” – have you ever written a letter to your crush? Well, Lara Jean has (5 in fact). Watch the romance story unfold as her sister sends out her 5 letters without her knowing, and all 5 of her crushes from the past resurface in some way. However, one of them seems like he might be able to win her over. Can he prove to her that he’s worthy even with her high standards? This one is sure to keep you on your toes the whole movie.


    • “Princess Diaries” – a classic, but never fails nonetheless. The story revolves around Mia as it starts out showing her living a normal life as a high schooler. Until one day something changes. She unexpectedly learns that she is actually a real-life princess! But some changes had to be made in order for her to meet the standards of her new role. Such a fun watch and unique storyline. 


    • “Midnight Sun” – Katie has lived her whole life with an unusual life-threatening problem. She is allergic to sunlight. Which means she has spent the majority of her life indoors, and not socializing much with her peers. Until one night, she ends up meeting someone named Charlie. She then starts to catch feelings for him, but meanwhile she is trying to hide her secret from him so he doesn’t find out and get scared. This one is a bit more of an emotional one, but definitely worth the watch!


    • “Clueless” – if you haven’t seen this one, then I am sure you have at least heard of it. It has been super popular since it came out, and that’s for a reason. It follows Cher who is known to be very popular at her high school. She finds out she has a knack for matchmaking, and gives it a couple go’s. Until she realized that she is also falling for someone. 


    • “Flipped” – this one is a personal favorite. It is very light hearted, but also sends a good message across. Juli falls in love with her neighbor, Bryce. And at first he doesn’t like her back; he thinks she’s too weird. Until he begins to catch feelings while hers start to subside. The plot is cute and tells a unique story from a different point of view. It shows the perspectives of both Juli and Bryce.


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