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Movies From the Early 2000’s That Scream Girl Power

It is officially time to bring back our all-time favorite female powerhouses. Here is a list of movies that give off the 2000s nostalgia most of us long for, ranging from charming to comedic ones, that celebrate the importance of feminism and girl empowerment. 

Legally Blonde

The iconic film Legally Blonde teaches the lessons of owning our choices and women empowerment. Elle Woods, a fashionista, was dumped by Warner who did not take her seriously. Set on winning him back, Elle gains admission to Harvard Law School, where she becomes all rounded – maintaining a healthy social life and becoming a studious, all-rounded student. Elle’s character eliminates the stereotypes of a “dumb blonde”, and throughout the movie, she no longer seeks validation in Warner and even wins her case. This movie is a must-watch as its message is extremely inspirational: it teaches us to recognize every individual’s potential despite stereotypical first impressions, and teaches us that as women, we can take control and be as ambitious as possible. 


The Princess Diaries

Another movie to add to one’s list is The Princess Diaries, starring Anne Hathaway and Julie Andrews. Throughout my childhood, I would watch this movie with my family and friends, and it has always left me feeling more joyful and confident in the end. Centered around Mia Thermopolis, an average tenth-grade school girl, she gets thrown out of the loop and eventually discovers she is an actual princess. Over time, she My favorite part of the movie is when she stands up to a group that is bullying an orphan and says, “Anyone can be a princess”, a line which has followed myself and many other young girls to this day. The movie emphasizes that girls should not be limited to our circumstances; instead of presenting a “perfect” version of a princess, it shows us the realistic reality of royal life and teaches us that it is the inside of yourself that truly matters.


Bring It On

Last but not least, fan-favorite Bring It On is a teen favorite cheerleading film that puts the power of a female team in the spotlight. Rancho Carne’s High School’s cheerleading squad is ready to compete in the national championship, however, they have to quickly scramble to achieve glory when they discover that their routines were stolen from another hip-hop group. Together, the team has to navigate waters and work together to qualify. Big Red, the admirable cheer captain, embodies everything in a female leadership role, eliciting inspiration and confidence in each of us. Bring It On’s appropriation of central themes, such as teamwork and homophobia, successfully addresses gender inequality with fun moments of satire, rendering the movie worthy of celebrating the power of being a girl. Bring these movies on! 


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  • Saniya Vaish

    The Princess Diaries is the PERFECT girl power movie!

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