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7 Skin Care Tricks for Young Skin

7 skin care tricks for young skin

How many times have you looked in the mirror before a big date just to see a pimple you could’ve sworn wasn’t there a day ago? Unfortunately, this is usually an inevitable part of the teen years. At your age, your body changes, and as if your raging hormones don’t give you enough to deal with, your skin turns on you. If you are sick of acne breakouts that always seem to happen when you have important plans, and you don’t want pimples knocking at your door, here are some skin care tips that should help you keep your skin in its best condition.

Use a suitable cleanser

Not all cleansers are the same, and you have to choose yours according to your skin type. For example, if you have oily or combination skin, use a product with salicylic acid that will keep that excessive oil production under control. When washing your face, use gentle motions. If you are too harsh, you can easily irritate your skin. Speaking of irritation, do not use soap for your face. It will irritate pores on your face and trigger acne. If you are constantly struggling with blackheads, you could take vitamin A or Zinc supplements. Products with rosehip oil have proven anti-inflammatory properties, so use a rosehip foaming cleanser if you have acne. If you want to learn more about this ingredient, read more more about it here.

Do not forget to moisturize

It is a common misconception that people with oily skin shouldn’t use moisturizers. There is an adequate moisturizer for every skin type, so apply this product twice daily to help keep your skin hydrated. While you still don’t have to worry about wrinkles, taking care of your skin now will prevent premature fine lines and wrinkles. Make sure that your moisturizer includes a broad-spectrum sunscreen. If you have oily skin, use a lightweight moisturizer, and if you have sensitive skin avoid products with added fragrance.

Exfoliate once a week

Since your hormones are all over the place right now, they tend to cause clogged pores. To clean your skin and remove dead skin cells, exfoliate your skin once a week. If you have problems with pimples, look for products that contain clay. It is a natural antiseptic and can soothe your skin. While you can use store-bought chemical exfoliators containing salicylic acid, you can also go with homemade scrubs. 

Protect your skin from sun damage

Spending hours in the sun trying to get that perfect tan might seem like a good idea, but unless you want to look 50 in your 30s, use a broad spectrum moisturizing sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher. Keep your skin protected at all times, even during the winter months. Harmful UVA rays can really damage your skin and cause premature aging. 

Don’t forget to nurture your lips

Unless you want to have chapped lips, make sure you take care of them. Use a lip balm every night before you go to sleep, and scrub them twice a week. You can do this by applying some cream on a gentle toothbrush (you can use a baby toothbrush for this purpose) and scrubbing them for about a minute. Afterward, wash your lips and apply lip balm.

Wash off makeup before you go to sleep

Whether you went to a party or spent the whole day studying with your friends, you could be tempted to just crawl into bed without taking your makeup off. However, whatever is left of your makeup can clog your pores and cause breakouts. Therefore, before you jump into bed, make sure to use micellar water to wipe your face.

Do not touch your face frequently

You touch your face during the day more than you realize! Every time you do it, you transfer all the germs from your hands to your face. Therefore, try to wash your hands every time before you touch your face or fix your makeup. In addition, don’t try to squeeze out your pimples. This can only spread infection and damage your skin tissue. Instead, consult a dermatologist before making any decisions.

Hopefully, these tips will help you have glowing, acne-free skin.

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