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6 Tips to Master the Clean Girl Makeup Look

The clean girl makeup look is suitable for office, shopping, and other casual outings. The greatest benefit of the look is its non-cakey nature and the natural finish. Mastering this makeup technique helps you get lots of surprised looks admiring your beautiful and neat face.

Minimal eye makeup

The basis of a clean girl makeup look is a natural-looking eye makeup that adds allure to your face without looking too glam. There is no need for winged eyeliners or too much eye emphasis with colorful eyeshadows for the clean girl makeup look. Select natural-looking at home lash extensions that suit your eye shape and the broadness of your face. Lilac St, Velour, LoveSeen, and Sweed are the top brands manufacturing easy-to-wear DIY home lashes. The false lashes cost very low and come in various thicknesses and lengths to suit every face, skin tone, and eye size. Wear a good mascara on these lashes to get the desired perfect eyes that look fresh for a long time. 

Foundation and concealer

Foundation and pinpoint concealing are the next significant steps of a clean girl makeup look as it aims to avoid the cakey makeup look. Apply concealer to create an even tone on the entire face, and proceed to apply foundation as the second step. Always spray water lightly on the face before applying the concealer, and use a damp sponge to spread the foundation evenly on the face. Pinpoint concealing on the blemishes is best for this look as the foundation on top will cover the entire face. Under-eye concealing is essential as it hides all the crows’ feet on the side and wrinkles under the eyes.

Thick brows

Good under-eye concealing, mascara, false eyelashes, and thick brows give your eyes a charismatic look. Fill in the brows with a quality gel and use a pencil to thicken them and get the desired shape. Comb them with a brow brush and apply powder or highlighter on top of the brows and right under them. Thick brows give your face a model-like look with just two products: a brow gel and a filling pencil. Select your eyebrow thickness and shape after careful experimenting to get the look suitable for versatile occasions. However, achieving that charismatic thick eyebrow look doesn’t always have to involve a multi-step process. You can always consider using a tint kit for your brows. The tinting process enhances the shape and definition of your eyebrows, making them appear bushier and thicker. Using a tint kit also eliminates the need for daily brow maintenance, saving you time and effort. It’s crucial, though, to invest in quality kits and reputable brands, such as the tint kit by Luxe Cosmetics, if you want to have that desired look, as quality products ensure you get those thick brows for an effortless look.

Skincare and contouring

Use a glowing primer or simple aloe vera gel to prep your face before makeup and get even foundation coverage. Spray rosewater acts as a toner, and makeup setting spray is also good for the skin. Contouring is usually avoided in the clean girl makeup look as it will take time and increase product usage. But mastering contouring enables you to achieve that high cheeks and the perfect nose without creating the cakey makeup look. Perfectly contoured nose and cheeks will give your face a regal look making you stand out among others distinctly.

Matte finish lips

There is no necessity to fill in your lips with a lip liner, lipstick, and lip gloss in the clean girl makeup look. Select a perfect matte finish lipstick in a neutral shade that matches most of your dresses. Always select a brand that lasts for a full day to avoid reapplying them on the lips often. Wear the lipstick on your natural lips, and do not try to make them look fuller or larger. If your lips are too small and you want to make them look bigger, apply an X on the lower and upper lip with the lip-liner pencil right in the middle. Cover the entire lips with the lipstick again to make the middle part look plump and big.

Minimal products usage

Minimal product usage is a must for a clean girl makeup look to avoid the caking and others recognizing you are wearing makeup. A good foundation, brow pencil, eyelashes, mascara, and lipstick are the absolute essentials. The most significant advantage of this look is finishing the entire face makeup with just five products. All other items are optional and can get skipped to achieve the clean girl makeup without much effort. Several people use dusting powders at the end to give sheer coverage to the makeup. The clean girl makeup look doesn’t need it, as the foundation itself does the trick and provides a powder-free look to the entire face.



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