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5 Women Who Inspire in the 21st Century

Strong female role models are more important than ever in the 21st century. It is important to celebrate the achievements of women who are breaking down barriers and accomplishing great things every day. Continue reading to see five women who are making a difference around the world.

  1. Malala Yousafzai 


Malala Yousafzai, a prominent Pakistani advocate for girls’ education, is the youngest ever Nobel Prize laureate. Born in Mingora in Pakistan in 1997, Yousafzai started speaking out against the Taliban’s attempts at denying women education when she was only 11 years old. A Taliban gunman shot Yousafzai as she was returning from school in 2012. She survived and continued her activism.

She was the youngest person to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2014. Yousafzai has become a global leader in girls’ education. There is no reason why Malala’s efforts should be wasted in an age where it is easy to find online help for your studies. You can find the help you need online, whether you are looking for a do my dissertation service to assist you with a difficult assignment or ongoing tutoring.

  1. Olena Zelenska


Olena Zelenska, although she is most well-known as the first lady in Ukraine, has had a successful career. She is certainly one of the women who inspires in the 21st Century. Zelenska, an architect by trade and screenwriter by profession, has received numerous awards. Zelenska is a committed philanthropist as well as her professional achievements. Zelenska has been active in advocating for women’s rights and working with many charities over the years.

To promote sustainable development in Ukraine, she works closely with UNDP. Zelenska is determined to make a difference, despite the conflict between Russia and her country. Her determination and dedication are truly inspirational.

  1. Emma Watson


Emma Watson, a well-known British actress, model and activist, rose to prominence for her role as Hermione Granger, the main character in Harry Potter films. She has appeared in many films since then, including Beauty and the Beast and The Circle. Watson is also a vocal advocate for gender equality. She has been a UN Goodwill Ambassador for HeForShe campaign. Time magazine named her one of the 100 Most Influential Persons in 2020.

Watson’s activism and career have made her one the most inspiring women in the 21st Century. She has proven that dreams can be achieved through her acting career. She is a strong advocate for gender equality and has proven that it is possible make a difference.

She has proven that you can use your platform to have a greater impact on the lives and well-being of others as a UN Goodwill Ambassador.

  1. Zaha Hadid

Zaha Hadid, 21st century inspiration, is not only known for her innovative designs but also her dedication to women empowerment and cultural inclusion all her life.

Hadid was born in Baghdad in 1950. She studied architecture at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, London. In 1980, she founded Zaha Hadid Architects and received international acclaim due to her innovative buildings. Her most notable works include the London Olympic Aquatics Centre and Guangzhou Opera House in China. Sheikh Zayed Bridge, Abu Dhabi is another of her most well-known. She was the first woman to be awarded the Pritzker Architecture Prize in 2004, one of the most prestigious architectural awards.

Hadid, who died in 2016 at the age of 65, was a tireless advocate for gender equality in architecture. She co-founded Women in Architecture (WIA) in 2012, which encourages women to participate in architectural design and practice. She was also a mentor to many young female architects, and a strong supporter of inclusion and diversity in the field.

We need to keep Hadid’s dedication to championing the voices of those who are underrepresented in an age where discrimination is on the rise. She was and is a leader in her field. She is a strong role model for women and minorities trying to succeed in traditionally male-dominated fields. Hadid’s work proved that anyone can achieve anything, no matter where they come from.

  1. Serena Williams 


Serena Williams is a professional tennis player and is frequently cited as one of the greatest players ever. She has won 23 Grand Slam singles titles. Williams, along with her sister, has won 14 Grand Slam women’s doubles titles. They are also unbeaten in Grand Slam doubles finals. She has also won four Olympic gold medals in singles and women’s doubles. Williams is No. The Women’s Tennis Association (as at March 3, 2020) ranked Williams No. 10 worldwide. She was ranked the number one player in the world eight times between 2002 and 2017. The WTA has ranked her number one in the world for 319 consecutive week, which is the record for most consecutive weeks in first place for a female tennis players.

Williams is not only an accomplished basketball player, but she has also been a strong advocate for gender equality. She helped to found Serena Ventures in 2015, an investment firm that focuses on fashion and technology startups. Forbes valued her net worth at $225million as of April 2019, making her one the most successful self-made women in America. Forbes ranked her number 63 in its 2019 list of The World’s 100 Greatest Living Businesses Minds. It is not surprising that Serena Williams has been an inspiration for the 21st century, given all she has done on and off the court.

Wrapping up

These five women are a great influence on the 21st century. Through their diverse fields of work, they have advocated for gender equality, diversity and inclusion. These women are role models for minorities and women who want to be successful in traditionally male-dominated fields. They have demonstrated that you can do anything if your believe in yourself. We can all take their example as a guide and be inspired to make an impact in the world.

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