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The Fighting Battle: Townspeople vs. Aliens

     On one of the spookiest nights of the year… Halloween!  In a small town neighborhood, everyone on this special occasion comes together. It’s huge here and is taken very seriously. All you can envision is wasted candies spilled all over the ground from each house. This very night is really special to everyone. An annual celebration, where every kid gets to dress up as their favorite someone or something that they always wanted to be. Door to door, pumpkin heads are everywhere in the people’s gardens for decoration. The spookiest night when every kid in this nation, fills their bellies with huge mountains of candies. That turns into stomach aches, which leads to a sugar crash. Soon this particular town gets quiet.


     Eventually,  everyone goes back to their houses. All lights start to shut down in the neighborhood. No sign of a kid… no sign of a sound. Suddenly, while everyone was asleep there was this extremely loud thump! All the children were scared and alarmed. All whining to their parents about what they heard, or what they might have thought they saw. Telling their kids quietly “to go back to bed” gently. Even though all parents knew they heard that same exact noise and deep down they knew it was something terrible.  Intriguing, all the parents come out of their homes. Each neighbor asks the next “what happened?” confused. No one knows what exactly is happening here. Everyone is afraid. Afraid to tell their children what is going to happen. Or even what may happen next!


     Simultaneously, out of the clouds comes this huge massive sphere of air. All you hear is the iconic alien anthem. The music was so booming that the whole world could hear it. It was like a massive party was floating down to the ground. Everyone in the town couldn’t believe it. The parents were hoping that it wasn’t what they actually thought it was. Everyone started panicking and running back into their houses to get their kids. Trying to pack and get out of there. The aliens finally landed. All you could see was smoke. The aliens looked normal, but all were different colors and spoke a different alien language that was hard to interpret. As soon as all of the aliens got out they saw leftover candy and went straight at it. They loved the exuberant taste and wanted more. They started attacking the human for more asking, “where is it, where is it!… I need that candy!” crazily. The aliens would not let them leave, even if they tried.


    Furthermore, the aliens were having a good time where they wanted to stay. They were riding people’s bicycles from the yards. Eating huge amounts of leftover candy. Playing with everything they see in sight.  They were so busy playing, that they didn’t know the townspeople had a trick up their sleeve. The people were ready to ambush, force, bribe,  and do whatever they could to get them out of their beloved town. Everyone, including the kids, came and joined together to defeat the silly, crazy, funny, and weird aliens. The aliens were so shocked that this happened. The courageous townspeople won their fight in keeping their homeland safe. The aliens knew they didn’t want to come back and mess with these people again. They thought this place was bizarre and got away and never returned.

– Madison McMorris

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  • Saniya Vaish

    The descriptions are amazing!

    November 24, 2022 at 1:50 pm
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