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5 “Treats” that Make you Wish you Got Tricked!

It’s that time of year to grab your costume, some of your friends, and your trick or treating bucket. It is Halloween season! Everyone loves this time of year. I mean why wouldn’t you, you get to pretend to be whatever you want and the most important thing… you get so much free candy! Hershey’s, jelly beans, gummy worms, lollipops, and skittles! Peanut butter cups, nerds, Twix, 3 musketeers, starbursts, and candy corn! There are so many delicious things we get on Halloween. But what about the stuff that when we see it in your bags we gag, or we try to trade with our friends for something better? Here is what I think are the 5 worst things that people give out on Halloween.

#5: School supplies/pencils

Imagine you are going to another house after landing the jackpot at the house next door. You ring the doorbell with your friends, they open the door and you say the standard, “Trick or treat”. They place something in your bag and you walk away. You take it out of your bag so excited to see what it is and…it is a pencil. You can’t help but feel disappointed. Pencils given out on Halloween usually have patterns that get stringing when you sharpen them and the eraser almost never works. So really.. It is pointless. Pun intended. 

#4: Fruits 

Now we all know that house. Everyone tries to avoid it but your parents make you go. You walk up the steps and reluctantly ring the doorbell. They come with a bowl. You know what is in there. They place it in your bag and you walk away. You look to see what it is this year. You have an apple. It is the fruit house. They say it is nature’s candy. Well on Halloween we don’t want nature’s candy, we want some good old sugar.

#3: Leftover Candy

So this has probably happened to almost everyone. You get to the house and they give you candy! Like good candy! But then you look closer. This doesn’t look like the Halloween candy design. Then you realize, This is leftover candy from Easter! I mean it is still candy but candy does have an expiration date. It is kinda similar to giving out eggs that are a couple days expired.

#2: No candy

This one is plain and simple. It can go two ways. One way all the lights are off, no is answering the door, it is quiet and there is no candy bowl. Another way is there is a candy bowl but nothing is inside. It stinks when you go to a house and they don’t have candy. 

#1: Toothpaste/toothbrush  

Okay so we all knew that this was coming. I mean you are going to a house excited about what candy you might get. Will it be chocolate, gummy, or fruity? You get to the the door and they give you toothpaste. I mean thank you for caring about our dental hygiene, but really?! This is the night where we get free candy, we don’t really want something that makes everything you eat taste weird. 

Well that is what I personally believe is the worst things to get on Halloween. But that being said, thank you to everyone who participates in Halloween. We really appreciate all the free things!

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