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January 2016

  • The Dangers of Sexting

    The Dangers of Sexting

    Think Twice Before You Sext   When I was a freshman in college, my room had a nice bathroom that I only…

  • Staying Safe on the Web

    Staying Safe on the Web

    The internet is part of a teen girl’s every day life whether it’s email, social media, shopping sites, etc. Knowing how to…

  • Internet


    Spend much time surfing the web? If you do, you need to be wary of things that lurk on the dark side…

  • Home Life
    Home Life

    Home Life

    As you are learning being a teen is fun and difficult. Being the parent of a teen is fun and difficult, too….

  • Fitness tips

    Health Tips

    While juggling schoolwork, friends, family, relationships and sometimes jobs, teen girls sometimes don’t make the best choices when it comes to their…

  • Finding and Keeping your BFF

    Finding and Keeping Your BFF

    From the time you were young, you’ve probably had a few or many friends. These friends are those you know well and…