Staying Safe on the Web

Staying Safe on the Web

The internet is part of a teen girl’s every day life whether it’s email, social media, shopping sites, etc. Knowing how to navigate these sites is crucial to having fun and making safe choices. Here is some advice from fellow teen girls on how they stay safe online.

What kinds of problems or dangers does the Internet present for kids?

D., 14 : If you put your personal information out there, it leaves a lot of room for people to obtain information about you and stalk you.

O., 12: People can hack your account and cause drama in your personal life. Don’t post personal information. Have strong passwords to prevent hacking.

A., 14: People can swipe your posts and pictures and use them without your permission.

K., 16: Your internet image can become your public image. If there is anything that you wouldn’t want just anyone to know, don’t put it online.

L., 16: Colleges and employers can look at your Facebook page if it’s not private.

Victoria, 14: There are lots of bait things, like videos that look harmless but are really bad, or websites that trick you.


What kinds of rules do you have for yourself for staying safe online?


D., 14: I don’t put personal information out there.

Emily, 14: It’s important not to friend anyone that you don’t know in real life.

Alissa, 14: Before I sign up for something, I check with my parents to make sure it’s safe.

F., 15: Don’t be stupid.


If someone bullies you online, how do you handle it?

D., 14: I delete them. If that doesn’t work, I would block them or report them. I would delete my account if it still continued.

Victoria, 14: Usually, replying back adds to the problem. Ignore that person, and then block them if possible. If you ignore them, chances are they’ll leave you alone. If it persists and it’s on a website, I would contact the moderator or owner of the site.

K. 16: If I can’t handle it myself, I may talk to my friends first for input. If it’s big, I go straight to my parent.

Gavi, 16: I have been a target of cyberbullying by someone in my school. I addressed this to the principal as well as the dean of students.


What is your advice to kids who are being bullied or harassed online?

A., 14: Try to put up a wall against what they say; if they aren’t someone you care about, it shouldn’t matter.

L., 15: It’s not your fault (for being bullied)and you shouldn’t feel bad. But if you do feel bad, to talk to someone. Block the people that are talking about you.

Emily, 14: I know it sounds cliche, but you really should tell your parents, or at least some adult.

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