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Your 3 Favorite “Girl” Shows on Netflix

All these shows are rated TV-14 so be mindful for what is appropriate for you and your family! The many girls in these shows are very independent and so relatable that you cannot help but love them. I have personally watched and love all three of these shows. If you are looking for a good, new coronavirus binge, this is for you!


New Girl

New Girl is the perfect witty sitcom to watch on rainy days. The show stars 30 year old Jess who just moved into an apartment with three guy best friends in Los Angeles. The new gang starts their ultimate bonding when having to help Jess move on from her cheating ex-boyfriend. Jess is so thankful for the help of her new friends and knows she’s destined to live with them. The show has seven seasons that follow their lives together through the years. The finale is so engaging and heartfelt it’s as if you were rooming with them too all along.


Gossip Girl

If you are more into the drama and scandal, grab your popcorn and begin the viewing! Gossip Girl follows the interconnected lives of teenagers living in the rich Upper East Side of New York. Drama is born here everyday starting at the anonymous website run by “Gossip Girl” that posts new, no-longer secret information. Nothing in this town hides for long from Gossip Girl so everybody has to watch their backs. This show will keep you on your toes constantly so get ready to be invested for all six seasons.


Gilmore Girls

Lastly, Gilmore Girls is a great lighthearted, loveable, classic TV show about the life of Rory Gilmore and her mother Lorelai. It is hard to watch this without itching to be best friends with the cunning, timid Rory and the quick witted, go-get-em spirited Lorelai! The show revolves around Rory’s journey through high school and college with Lorelai right by her side facing her own struggles. They are both tasked with many tough choices. Those choices being through school, boys, family, and all around life and you feel like you’re right there with them. Gilmore Girls is so sweet and entertaining that by the end you wish that you grew up in Stars Hollow too!

There is currently also a limited series on Netflix called Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life. This is still set in your favorite fictional town, Stars Hollow, but 10 years later. Watching this will answer some of your unresolved questions and pop up new ones along the way. There are only four episodes but each range about an hour and a half long.

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