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Yoga for You!!

Updated June 14, 2021

Contrary to what you may believe, yoga is not only for yoga gurus and extremely stretchy people, everyone can reap the immense physical and mental benefits from this exercise.
So what are you waiting for, roll out your yoga mats and let’s get started!

These are 5 simple yoga poses to work your entire body. Move slowly throughout each pose and be aware how your body is responding (your breathing, heartbeat). The goal is for you to hold each pose for a few long, deep breaths.

1) #Downward-Facing Dog

This one is a classic. This pose helps alleviate back pain as well as strengthen the arms and back muscles. Lift your hips back as far as possible and concentrate on distributing your weight tin your palms.

#2 Cobra Pose

This pose helps your balance and posture while giving a good stretch to your spine a lower back. Focus on your breath moving in and out as you do this pose.

3# Four-Limbed Staff Pose

This one is just a little bit challenging, but your core and arms will thank you for it. This pose is similar to a push-up position and appears in the san salutations yoga sequence. You can try leaving your knees on the ground for added support.

#4 Tree Pose

This pose really tests your balance, stretching out your things and legs. Try concentrating on a still object or closing your eyes.

#5 Mountain Pose

Stand with your toes together and heels slightly apart inhale as you reach your arms above your head. Focus on your weight and balance it evenly throughout your feet.

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