Yasmeen’s Not so Modern Life: The Series

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Episode 1: “It’s Life”

Hi, my name is Yasmeen Marie Pepei Lopez, I know I know a very very very long name but that’s what my abeula Roseleen named me. I am a sophomore and I go to James County High School but everyone just calls it J.C.

“yasmeen! hurry up, you’re gonna be late!” my mom xiomara yelled.

“coming!” I said as I put on my sneakers and head down the stairs.

“well look who’s alive.” my papá roberto said as he picked up his bag.

“I know, i know..” I said picking up some toast as I heard my brother xzaiver’s car horn beep indicating that he’s about to leave.

“better hurry mija.” my mom said entering the kitchen.

“I’m going, love you guys.” I said hurrying outside.

“love you too, be safe!” my mom yelled as I approached the car and hopped in.

“took you long enough.” xzaiver said pulling off.

“yeah yeah, whatever.” I said.

“what if I’m late?” my sister ava said.

and here it goes, let me just give you a run down on my life.

I have three siblings, xzaiver who’s 17, ava who’s 12, then joey who’s 7. we all have very different personalities, just like me and my best friends, but in the end we’re one big family.

speaking of friends, let me introduce you to them.

first, we have isiah, he’s very outspoken and a wild card you could say. he LOVES makeup, and you rarely see him without it he’ll probably start his own makeup company one day, he also happens to be gay but he’s open about it and we wouldn’t trade him for the world.

next, we have kacey, she’s the artist of the group you will never ever see her without her pencils and her sketchbook. most people think she’s shy but when you get to know her..let’s just say not so shy..

then there’s elijah, we just call him eli. he’s the star quaterback, the “hot jock” everyone loves. even through he plays football and seems like that “hottie” that’s too cool for school, he’s actually a huge geek. he loves astrology and star wars and anything that deals with the galaxy but not many people know that but us..

and onto ivy, ivy is the mom of the group she’s also putting herself before us and also keeping us in shape and at times out of trouble. not at all times though, she loves to dance so she will occasionally drag her to a party or two and then.. a whole new ivy comes out.

next is nova, nova is the more reserved and quite one, her parents hold certain standards over her that kind of makes her not that social, but when she’s around us she’s herself. she’s actually really funny and loves to collect cameras. she has a huge passion for the photographer world.

after her, there’s isabella, but we call her izzy. she has a passion for music and playing instruments, you will never not hear her singing or making some type of music.

last but not least, theodore, yes that his name but he goes by teddy. he loves nature and animals and he’s always dragging us on some type of adventure. he will not just stay in one place, he’s determined to travel the entire world and we most definitely can see that.

and that’s our group, we’re not all perfect and we don’t always get along but hey, that’s natural.

“see if one of your friends can take you home, I have baseball practice” xzaiver said as we hopped out.

‘thanks for the late heads up” I said sarcastically

“you’re most definitely are welcome” he smirked walking away to his group of friends.

“yass yasmeen!’ isiah yelled out walking up to me.

” you look fab-ou-lous honey!” he said causing me to laugh.

“thanks siah, where is everyone else?” I asked as we intertwined arms heading into the school.

“I think they-” is all he could get out before they all head towards our way.

“right here.” he laughed.

“morning chicas” isiah said hugging everyone as I do the same.

“why are you always so happy in the morning?” kacey asked rolling her eyes.

‘because, who wouldnt be this happy when you look like this?” he said doing a vogue and walking down the hall as if it was a fashion show walk way.

the bell ring sounds for homeroom.

“and it starts, see you guys at lunch.” I say as we all part our ways.

nova, teddy and I head to the same class.

“so there’s this party this weekend at rebecca’s house, we should go” teddy said as we took our seats.

“not really up for a party…you know how my parents are.” nova said.

“just say you’re staying at my place to study.” I said.

“I would but its too close to weekly exams and you know how my dad gets around this time” she said sadly.

she’s right, you know how people makes jokes about how smart asians are and how their parents are super super strict well those are nova’s parents. they expect her to make all A’s and be the perfect daughter and go to church and be an innocent angel.

“we’ll come up with something.” teddy said.

“maybe..” nova replied.

“okay, what’s really wrong? you seem more off them usual.” teddy said as the teacher told us to quiet down so he could take roll.

“I’ll tell you later.” she said turning her attention onto the teacher.

teddy and I gave each other a look, nova’s usually not like this but whatever it is hopefully it’s nothing too bad but in this group you honestly never know.

but hey, everyone goes through all kinds of stuff especially at our age but that’s life.


Brittney Hawkins is a student at Ramsay High School and a member of the Springboarders Teen leadership group.

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