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Wonder Woman Workshop – Human Trafficking: What You Need to Know

Human Trafficking: What You Need to Know

February 23 | 3PM at ArtPlay


FREE talk geared for mothers and daughters middle school and up, this panel highlights anti-human trafficking efforts in our area.

Human trafficking in Alabama, particularly along the I-20 corridor has historically been one of the worst areas in the nation, but in the past eight years, great efforts have been made to fight this horrific issue. Alabama is now one of the top ten states recognized for enacting some of the strictest human trafficking laws in the U.S.. Thanks to efforts by multiple Birmingham agencies, progress has been made that will hopefully result long term in human trafficking decline.

Panelists from CHIPS (Children’s Hospital Intervention and Preventive Services), AIDS Alabama, The Junior League of Birmingham, UAB, Birmingham Police, and the Wellhouse will share how their organizations are combatting this issue, and will also address tips on how to recognize victims, what you can do to help, and keep your own families safe.

Human Trafficking

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