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Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day


January has ended, and we all know what is lurking around the corner: Valentines Day.

For some of the world, Valentines Day is a long-awaited holiday filled with chocolate, flowers, and one-on-one time with that special somebody. Sadly, for the remaining people, the holiday serves as an annoying reminder of the absence of a romantic relationship, but it does not have to be like that! There are plenty of ways for single people to stay busy and have fun during the seemingly “relationship-exclusive” holiday.

Here are the five BEST ways to have a fantastic Valentines Day as a single person:

First, plan a movie night with some of your single friends. One of the best ways to waste time and stay entertained is by watching a good movie. From a cringey romantic comedy to a shockingly-scary horror film, movies are the best solution to getting out of the Valentines Day slump.

Second, create a Valentines Day secret Santa gift exchange with friends. Although this idea might sound quirky, it is a perfect way to give and receive a funny Valentines Day gift, while simultaneously filling up your day by spending time with close friends.

Third, make yourself an at home spa. All you will need is bathtub, some cucumbers, a face mask, and some bath bubbles/bath bombs. While you are pampering yourself, make sure to breathe and release as much stress as possible.

Fourth, explore a new place in your town. It’s time to act like Carl from Up and go on an adventure! Whether it’s a museum you have been dying to go see or a new restaurant that, take the day to explore and learn new things about your hometown.

Fifth, put on your chef’s hat and make a yummy dinner for you and a friend. Cooking can easily release stress and can become a platform for expressing artistic talents.

Although completing these five things will not guarantee the full expulsion of all negative thoughts about Valentines Day, they will definitely allow you to destress and keep yourself busy. It is important to remember that Valentines Day is all about love.

Love takes many forms and does not always have to be romantic, so remember to think of Valentines Day as a day to celebrate the people you love most.

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Emma Lembke is a student at the Altamont School and a member of the Springboaders teen leadership group of GirlSpring.

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