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Winter Dorm Essentials for College Students

With the end of December just around the corner, it comes with no surprise that temperatures are quickly dropping! As a current senior in high school, I know that staying warm is vital for our health and comfort; so, in preparation for my experience living alone as an undergraduate student, I’ve done a bit of research on the best winter dorm essentials for college students. 

  1. Warm Bedding
    • Make sure to invest in a comforter and extra blankets that are not only cozy, but also high quality! 
  2. Portable Heater
    • Dorm-heating regulation varies depending on which university you attend; however, having a small heater in your room can be highly beneficial toward staying warm.
    • (Not all colleges allow heaters, so check beforehand!)
  3. Humidifier
    • The winter season is known for dry air! To help prevent sore throats, dry skin, and respiratory problems, purchasing a humidifier can help you maintain comfortable environments.
  4. Heating Pad
    • Heating pads and rechargeable hand warmers are perfect for chilly nights, keeping your body warm and soothed for the cold.
  5. Heated Blanket
    • Electric blankets are remote controlled, heat-adjustable covers that let you relax and sleep under maintained temperatures! 
  6. Water Bottle/ Insulated Mug
    • It’s important to stay hydrated during the winter for reasons similar to that of investing in a humidifier. Yet, having other appliances like insulated thermoses and mugs are great for keeping hot beverages and foods warm while you move around the dorm.


I hope this list of items was helpful! As always, be sure to stay warm and healthy!

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  • TG

    Sup Jessica! That will be very helpful when I go to college. All of the colleges I’ve visited so far have cold dorms.

    December 13, 2023 at 4:48 pm
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