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Meet the Springboarders – the group of girls that keeps GirlSpring running!

In the heart of Birmingham Alabama, a remarkable nonprofit organization known as GirlSpring is helping shape the lives of young women in the most empowering ways. GirlSpring is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that was founded in 2010 by Jane Stephens Comer. She believed that by empowering girls, we build better communities, better businesses, better relationships and ultimately a better world. 


Among its many initiatives, the Springboarders teen program stands out as the largest ongoing program at GirlSpring. The Springboarders consist of 62 girls in total, ages 13-18, including 20 new girls who joined this year in 2023. “Springboarders are content creators for the GirlSpring website and social media platforms,” exclaimed Springboarder Sarah. “We also have opportunities to take part in mentor programs, podcasts, volunteer events, informative workshops, as well as parties and fun events around Birmingham.” The GirlSpring website,, reaches 15,000 visitors per month, in Birmingham and beyond.

There are also executive leadership opportunities and various committees that girls can join. Radhika, the current President of Springboarders stated, “Springboarders was the first place I tasted leadership. In November of 2021, Ms. Greenwood (GirlSpring Executive Director) approached me with the idea of co-hosting the STEAM Fair. It was the first time I was being trusted with such a large event and by the time the event came around, it made me incredibly nervous. However, successfully leading that event led to me feeling more confident and as a result, trusting myself. It built a foundation for me to lead later on, and now I serve as President.”

According to Executive Director Kristen Greenwood, “The girls in leadership roles work together to develop a monthly topic for their website submissions, create online events for their peers, such as trivia nights and peer-to-peer college prep advice panels, and periodically get together to have volunteer days. Girls are drawn from all different schools and backgrounds, so through this program they get exposure to girls from different walks of life, they learn how to work together as a team, develop leadership skills, and get to meet lots of inspiring women from the community that they might not otherwise meet.”


Being a part of a team like the Springboarders has been beneficial for many of the girls involved in the organization. “The Springboarders group has given me the unique opportunity to meet and connect with numerous girls around Birmingham that share a similar mindset as me: to empower girls,” mentioned Wardah, the current Vice President of the Springboarders. “As Vice President, I have gotten to work with several amazing girls to plan new events and come up with new ideas for community involvement and online engagement. Additionally, GirlSpring has given me  an online platform to creatively express myself via creating content for the Girlspring website, something I don’t get to do anywhere else.”

GirlSpring is dedicated to empowering young girls to embrace their unique talents and actively engage in their communities. “GirlSpring has been super beneficial to me in just raising my confidence,” said Sherrod. “Having a place to publish your work is already a big deal on its own, but really knowing other girls are reading it too means a lot. Seeing and getting to talk to other people who have read my articles means a lot and has pushed me out of my comfort zone. I have been able to feel confident enough in my opinions/work to put them out there and I have made lots of new friends because of it.”

Getting involved in GirlSpring also gives girls the opportunity to gain real-world career related experiences. According to Sarah, “Applying to be a Springboarder is a great process within itself given that you gain application and interview skills, plus being accepted welcomes you into a whole new world of opportunities both within your community and beyond.”

“There truly is a place for everyone in GirlSpring,” emphasized Sherrod, the Springboarder community liaison. “Whether you’re more artistically inclined, or up to date on current events, or like writing your pop culture opinion pieces, GirlSpring is welcoming to listen to you, and someone is learning from your work. It is a place that makes you feel comfortable and confident while simultaneously getting you out there and introducing you to so much more.”


The Springboarder girls are looking forward to the rest of the year and what is to come. Their next big project includes publishing a collaborative book with help from journalist and writer, Javacia Harris Bowser. The book will consist of a collection of work by individual Springboarders including poetry, personal stories and artwork, all about the empowerment of young girls. Under the guidance of individuals like Radhika, Sarah, Sherrod, and Wardah, GirlSpring is shaping the future for talented young girls, one story and one moment of empowerment at a time. Learn more about GirlSpring at


Kristen is a contributor for GirlSpring. Her posts focus on GirlSpring updates and current events.

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