Why Makeup Makes Us Feel Empowered As Women

Why Makeup Makes Us Feel Empowered As Women

Makeup has become one of the biggest trends in the past few years. With all of the positivity that surrounds wearing makeup, there is always someone who has something negative to say. While we still know that there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing makeup, we’re usually not always sure why we feel so good while wearing makeup, other than the fact that we know it gives us a sense of empowerment.

The first thing we may not realize about why we’re all so obsessed with having the perfect makeup look is that it brings out our artistic side. Putting on makeup is a way for us to express our inner artistic abilities. We all have a creative side, and a lot of us may not have had a way to show this side before makeup came into our lives.

Makeup can also make us feel like we are a part of something bigger, because, in a way, we are. Whether we realize it or not, there is an entire makeup community who lives for the newest products and looks. When we join in on the fun, we become a small part of this big community.

Makeup can do a good job of bringing positivity into your life as well. Brightening up your look can easily lift your spirits and make you feel better. It’s good to feel confident with or without makeup, but there is something about bright red lips, the perfect contour, and glittery eyeshadow that can make us feel on top of the world.

At the end of the day, makeup gives us confidence, whether it’s just a natural look or a full glam look. If you are doing what makes YOU feel YOUR best, then it doesn’t matter what any other person thinks. There are plenty of closed minded people in this world who will just talk to hear themselves speak. Let them know that you are wearing makeup for you and not to impress anyone else.

Feeling empowered is important for young women today, and, if makeup does that for you, then go out and conquer the world!

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