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Why Am I Depressed?

why am I depressed

Most girls undergo stress in their lives, and this stress could either be because we have a lot going on at home or because we feel self-conscious. These factors can lead to depression. Any girl can get depressed, and depression is not fun to have.

Being sad and feeling a way you don’t like is difficult for anyone to deal with. Sometimes you may feel like it’s easier to cry in your bedroom at midnight while listening to sad songs. You may think it’s easiest to not tell anyone about your feelings. Instead of keeping your feelings bottled up, it can be better to talk with someone about what you’re going through.

How to help with depression

Try and block out negative energy. This includes blocking out negative people. Negative people may say hateful things that hurt you emotionally, and it is important not to surround yourself with these types of people. Always remember that you are loved, and you should surround yourself with the people who truly love you.

Do things that make you happy. It is important to sometimes take care of yourself before you worry about other people. Participate in self-care. Doing things you enjoy can help your self-esteem grow. For example, if you want to be a runway model, but are afraid people will say things like “You don’t have the right body type,’’ remember that there is no “right” body type for anything. Remember that you are beautiful just the way you are, and don’t let anyone change that. Learn to love yourself!

How to Love Yourself

Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Love yourself for who you are! One helpful way to remind you that you are loved is by using helpful apps. For example, the MindDoc app helps me share my feelings. I go on the app and say how I am feeling during the day. Another app I use is I Am. This app gives me daily affirmations and reminders about self-care, stress and anxiety, happiness, gratitude, hard times, faith, and confidence.

Remind yourself that you’re loved by the positive people around you. I love you! Don’t give up!

Hope you find my article helpful! Below is an article on depression that has helped me, along with the links to the apps I’ve mentioned!

An article on teen depression:

Download MindDoc:

https MindDoc app

Download I Am:

These apps are available on the Google Play store or the app store!

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