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Where I’m From

I am from Wilson basketballs From Uno cards and regular playing cards I am from the old duplex in Ensley that was affordable (Cheap, sufficient, and ghetto) It felt like a home away from home. I am from the white dandelions The Iron Oak trees at full bloom. (Green and eventful) 

I’m from the family cookouts and oversized noses From Elizabeth and Henry I’m from the excessive anger and trust issues From “We have food at the house” and “What goes on in this house stays in this house” I’m from being a firm believer in christ and Faith Chapel Christian Center From Baptist and non-denominational 

I’m from Birmingham where young individuals are killed day by day From a dysfunctional family that keeps secrets to protect loved ones (Salmon croquettes and rice) From the constant cheating and custody battles through my mom and dad To the constant UAB hospital visits with my grandmother 

In the kitchen cabinet of Elyton parkway west in Elyton projects I am from the hood where you escape physically, but never mentally. 

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