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Staying Connected During COVID-19 

Staying Connected During COVID-19

Guest Post by Sydney Porter, a member of the Senior Girl Scouts of Troop 350 AKA “Wild Roses”

During this pandemic I am sure that all anyone can think about is hanging out and missing their friends and family. You’re not alone! Just because you are stuck inside all day does not mean that you have to throw your social life out of the window!

Here are some tips and fun ideas to help you stay connected with your friends and even meet new people:

Social Media

  • Popular apps like Instagram, Snapchat and Tik Tok are all fun ways to stay connected with your friends! There are lots of new trends coming out on all three apps and it’s fun to do these challenges with your friends and family!


  • This might seem like a crazy idea but go look in one of your old yearbooks and see if you can find an old friend by using social media or any other way to find someone! 


  • You can always easily text or email someone if you or your friend does not have social media.

Phone calls & Group FaceTime

  • Phone calls and (group) FaceTime calls are a fun way to connect with your friends face to face. You can use group facetime and talk to multiple friends at one time.

Handwritten letters

  • I know it’s a bit old fashioned and texting is much faster and easier, but who doesn’t love a heartfelt handwritten letter. They have a much harder impact on the person receiving them. 

Gaming platforms 

  • Online games such as Xbox, Nintendo switch and iMessage games are all fun ways to play games together without having to be in the same place and you can be safe and have fun at home.

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