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What it’s like to be a College Esports Manager:

What it’s like to be a College Esports Manager

What it’s like to be a College Esports Manager:

Hi, my name is Trina & I am a manager for my school’s Esports team! Which is overall such a fun and unique experience to have, and to be included onto my resume. So, if you don’t know what an Esports team is, it is essentially a team of gamers. My school has games such as Rocket League, Smash Bros, etc., and my role as a manager is more on the marketing side. So anything marketing related you can think of, I do it. Here is some behind-the-scenes of what it is like to be an Esports manager.


 Constantly posting

My main role as a manager is to help run the social media and create content for them. This can be things like helping to come up with TikTok ideas, creating graphics of the upcoming schedule, etc.. The main social media platform that I run is Twitter. However, prior to doing that I had never used Twitter. So, as you can imagine that was a learning curve. And with the games being at various times throughout the day and the week, it requires posting at random times. Sometimes that can mean 9am or it can be 10pm, you never really know.


Being a part of the team

This is one of my favorite parts by far. There is truly no better feeling than getting to be apart of something bigger than just you. And that is exactly what it is like to be on the team. Even though I am not a player, they all welcomed me like I was one. And I got most of my friend group from joining the team also. They have even taught me how to play some of the games which are very entertaining (I am not very good).


Being outnumbered

Esports is not a very big female “sport”. In fact, our team only has two female players. Then me and my best friend are the two female managers. So that puts 4 girls on a team of 50+ players and staff. Sometimes that can be quite the experience. Such as having to adjust to getting teased by all the guys, sometimes showing you can do something even though you are a girl, etc.. But at the end of the day, they all really do care about us and want what’s best for us.


Balancing school and duties

While being a manager I am still a full-time college student, work multiple jobs, and am a content creator. This means that having good time management is an absolute must and also making sure to stay on top of my work. And that can require some sacrifices such as not hanging out with friends on a weekend so I can get all my homework done and go support my team the next morning. Usually keeping the balance is pretty easy, unless its a heavy homework week or my team is going to travel.


Being a manager for any sports team in college is such a rewarding experience that will be great to add to your resume also. So if there is any sport that you enjoy but don’t want to actually play the sport, then maybe being a manager for the team could be a good fit for you.


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