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What is Money?

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Well, I don’t mean the definition, but more so, what is its purpose? Money is used for many things that vary based on age groups. For adults, the main money flow usually goes towards bills, necessities, or items for children. Children usually use their money for their wants, such as candy or games. Teenagers, specifically girls tend to buy for both of their wants and needs, such as necessities for their period as well as chocolate as an add on. The worth of a dollar has changed through the centuries, as it became more valuable to live on in the developed world, but the worth of a dollar also changes through the age cycle. I will explain how to use money as a teenager and how to use it, more wisely.

Is money even necessary?

I would say money is not necessary, but, as a teen, I can say that changes as you get older. As a teen, you start to gather more money from different sources and of course, as an effect, spend more. The ways that you use money as a teen does affect your money habits as an adult, but as a child or even a teenager, I would say it is not as important to some as an adult.

How can you earn money?

Some ways to earn money are through

  • Jobs
  • Parents
  • Chores
  • Passive Income

Some jobs that you can earn money from can be from neighbors, family, or friends, from things such as mowing lawns, helping with animals, babysitting, or even small things such as cooking and cleaning for others. You can earn money from chores or from your parents by doing tasks like cleaning, cooking, helping with pets, watching siblings, or getting an allowance.

The last way to earn money as a teen is from passive income. You could get passive income from

  • Stocks
  • Blogs
  • Youtube
  • Social Media
  • Small Business Online

Looking for other ways to earn money? Here are 49 ways to make money as a teen.

What should I do with my money?

One major thing that is helpful and that you have most likely heard more than once is to save your money! This can be annoying sometimes because you may never want to save your money but want to spend it responsibly, but saving is a major help for the long run. Saving your money can help by

  • Allowing you money for college
  • Helping your parents with money
  • Allow you to save for something big
  • Allow for better money habits
  • Good thing for emergencies

You can, of course, spend your money, wisely. A few tips to spend your money, which are short, but sweet:

  • buy what you absolutely need first, and what you want second.
  • When you shop, make sure you don’t already have that same item, even if it’s in a different color.
  • Be sure to buy based off of quality, not quantity. Four toothbrushes are good, but if you use them in one month, it would have been better to have gotten the one toothbrush that would have lasted for three months.
  • One other way is investing your money from banks or from stocks.

In conclusion, you should be sure to use your money wisely and efficiently. There are many more ways to make money and of course many things you can do with it, but as a teenager, the amount of notice you are taking in on your money should be a lot. One of the most important things that can alter your adult life is money, so as a teenager you should be very aware of what you are doing with yours.

Looking for more money tips? Girl Spring has you covered!

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