Human Trafficking

What is Human Trafficking?

What is Human Trafficking?

You thought slavery ended after the Civil War? Think again. There are more slaves now than at any time in history! Human trafficking is just a way of saying “the ways people are moved from freedom into slavery.” Through violence. Lies. Manipulation. Threats.

Today’s slaves are forced into labor, service or sex slavery; making money for their “owners.” You see, the same people who have been trafficking drugs and weapons are realizing that selling people is more profitable and less risky! People can be sold repeatedly; in the case of a sex slave that might be 10, 20 or more times a day. In labor slavery, goods and services are continually produced without compensating the laborer.

Why is Human Trafficking Growing So Fast?

Human trafficking is less risky than most crimes, because it’s a lot harder to uncover and prosecute. Someone caught with a kilo of cocaine is quickly arrested, and there is hard evidence to take to court. Someone caught with people—well, that’s not so simple. Especially when those people are terrified to speak or are afraid for their families who may have been threatened.

Targeted Youth

Half of the slaves in the world today are minors. Federal law in the U.S. says that anyone under 18 used for sex in exchange for anything of value is legally a victim of human trafficking. That “thing of value” might be money, a sandwich, clothing, or a place to spend the night.

Some young people are more at risk, like runaways and throwaways, but anyone can become a victim. Traffickers are going into schools, malls, theatres, game arcades, playgrounds – anywhere youths hang out – to find victims. Some are kidnapped. Sometimes people they know and trust are actually there to sell them and threaten their families if they tell. Sometimes their own family members sell them.

On this site, we’re focused on the buying and selling of our youth for the pleasure and profit of the perpetrators. Young people right here in America—not just third world countries—are at great risk. And the demand is for younger and younger children.

This has to stop!

The UN tells us that 99% of victims are never rescued. We’re out to empower young people and those who care about them to keep from being trapped in the first place. YOU can protect your friends, family and the younger people in your life.


Because prevention is even better than rescue.

Article From: BeTheJam

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