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The Story of Little Amal

In a world filled with challenges and complexities, it’s refreshing to find moments of hope and inspiration that remind us of the power of unity and compassion. Little Amal is a beacon of hope, symbolizing resilience and determination, capturing the hearts of people around the globe.  

Who is Little Amal?

Little Amal is not your ordinary character – she is a giant puppet; a 3.5-meter-tall young Syrian refugee girl, brought to life by the acclaimed Handspring Puppet Company. This artistic creation is part of a project called “The Walk,” a remarkable and ambitious theatrical journey that was conceived to highlight the plight of refugees and migrants. Little Amal’s story is fictional, but her presence carries a profound message of empathy and solidarity. 


Passionate Teen from the Bay Area in CA. Loves to bake and play basketball and attends Dublin High School.

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