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Was Quarantine What We Needed?


Life before quarantine was fast paced. With how our world works, there are really no breaks. It almost feels like there is no time to sit down, and do things for yourself. Traveling, work, school, whatever it may be- we’re constantly keeping ourselves busy. If you don’t keep up with this fast pace, you have the fear that you might get left behind. Although that fast paced lifestyle can be fun and exciting, it can also get old and tiring.

It wears us out, and limits time for other things we also need to prioritize.

When quarantine first started, most were freaked out by the virus, but even more people were annoyed they had to sit at home and take a break from their everyday life. People were outraged they couldn’t travel, get their hair done, party, and generally everything that they were used to doing at all times. It was hard for people to transition so much in such short notice. People thought it was an overreaction, and many struggled to even follow rules. After it was apparent that this virus was more serious than we thought, quarantine and isolation really began to take place. People realized that they were going to be staying at home for a lot longer than we originally thought, and it started to become the new normal.

The longer that quarantine goes on, the longer I’m starting to realize maybe this was for the better. Maybe we needed to sit down, and take a break from this crazy, busy life we lead. Possibly we needed to spend more time with loved ones that we haven’t been able to in a long time. Maybe we needed a break from social pressures and feeling the need to go out and do things because your friends are.

Maybe this was our time to slow down and really take time for ourselves for once.

The more time I’ve had to myself, the more I can see how much I’ve benefited from quarantine. Even in ways that I may not understand at first. I’ve tried to better myself in certain ways that I didn’t have time for before. Waking up and sitting on the porch with my mom, which I haven’t done in years because of our schedules. I’ve been able to focus on my school work instead of putting it off and hanging out with my friends. I’ve been able to catch up with old friends that I haven’t talked to in a while because we were always too busy to make time for one another.

We may never get this time again, so make the most of it. You won’t regret it.

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