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6 Ways to Make Puberty Easier as a Young Woman

6 Ways to Make Puberty Easier as a Young Woman

Growing up is difficult enough without hormones thrown into the mix, but puberty is a time when not only do you have to deal with big changes in your life such as schoolwork, crushes and friendships, but it’s also time when hormones are going to make you feel very differently in a way you can’t control.

Physical and emotional changes combined can make things very difficult and confusing, but just know that what you are going through is normal and you will have a wealth of support around you.

Here are 6 ways to make the process easier on yourself and make sure that you’re feeling the best you can.

  1. Know That Your Body is Unique to You

Although puberty is universal experience for all young people, and the changes in your body will be the same as other young girls, the experience is still unique to you. This means that your body is going to change on its own schedule, and you shouldn’t compare yourself to stages of puberty which other girls may be at.

If you haven’t gotten your first period yet, for example, when all your female friends might have done, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you or that you need to worry. Everything will happen when it’s supposed to.

  1. Remember That Everything is Normal

Puberty can be a confusing time, and it can feel very strange to have your body change significantly. Having hair grow, having blood leak from your body and having spots, just to name a few, can feel weird and may even feel uncomfortable. However, these are normal changes, and proper hygiene habits can make you feel comfortable and confident.

Don’t let anyone make you feel as though what you are going through isn’t normal.

  1. Get Your Rest

A good sleep pattern is going to make a whole lot of difference when dealing with changes in the body. Hormonal changes can leave you feeling tired, and when your period arises, that’s going to make you feel exhausted, too. Be sure to always prioritize your sleep, and if any issues during puberty, such as anxiety or even if you’re still experiencing growing pains, then natural remedies like products, may help you relax and get a better night’s sleep.

  1. Seek Advice

One important thing to remember during puberty is to be safe. Whether it’s through hormonal changes, whether you want to remove hair, or whether you’re considering entering into sexual practices, safety and information is always key during this time.

If you don’t feel you can comfortably speak to your parents, there will always be health practices which offer advice to young women, such as your local clinic or your doctor, and you can choose to speak with a female attendant if you would prefer.

  1. Don’t Feel Pressured

Your life is your own. Many changes occur during puberty, but there is no right or wrong. If you don’t have a best friend, if all your friends are in relationships and you’re not, or if your friends know what they want to do with their life and you don’t yet, none of this is a bad thing. There isn’t a deadline for achieving anything during your teenage years.

  1. Choose Your Friends Well

Having great friends is going to make your teenage years a lot easier. If any friendships feel negative or toxic to you, don’t be afraid to distance yourself. Make sure you choose the right friends who will support you during this time.

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