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Walking Down The Street

walking down the street

Walking down the street

Just trying to get to the coffee shop,

Passing by a group of men who start whistling,

Walking a little faster

Trying to get away from their rude comments,

Seeking comfort from a phone call to a friend,

“Should I have worn something different?”

Walking through the parking lot

Just going to buy groceries,

Boys hanging out windows yelling suggestive remarks,

Walking into the store

Texting a friend about the crude boys,

Asking how to make the situation better,

“I shouldn’t have worn my shorts,”

Standing at a party

Just trying to have a good time,

A boy whispering vulgar things in your ear,

Walking away from the intrusive teenager

Trying to escape from his grasp,

Looking for a friend to talk to and offer their comfort,

“I should have worn a longer shirt.”

Unfortunately, most girls will get catcalled in their lives, but we don’t have to let it drag us down! If you get catcalled or have ever gotten catcalled, here is some advice on how to react.

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