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Top 5 Travel Destinations

New York City at Night

5. Quebec, Canada

I was fortunate enough to travel to Quebec City and Montreal this past spring through my school’s french program. My classmates and I thoroughly enjoyed our trip, and it is safe to say that all of us recommend visiting.

My main highlight from the trip was visiting Old Quebec City. The general atmosphere and the old European architecture make the city breathtaking. We all enjoyed the city very much, and we also greatly appreciated the more modern-looking city of Montreal. Both cities are lots of fun, but I strongly encourage going to Méga Parc.

Méga Parc is an amusement park inside a mall in Quebec, complete with a roller coaster that goes through the mall and an ice skating rink. Overall, the aesthetics and visuals in both cities we visited were stunning, and my classmates and I thoroughly enjoyed the immersion in french culture.

4. Jackson, WY

I took my first trip ever out to Jackson last summer. I am generally not a big hiker or a very outdoorsy person, so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I adored this vacation.

Jackson is a charming mountain town just outside of Yellowstone and Grand Teton national parks, which my family visited many times during our stay in Jackson because of the proximity to the city. Both parks are incredible and have stunning mountains, geysers, and wildlife.

We did visit in the summertime, but Jackson is also a perfect place for skiing in winter.

Summer in Jackson brought endless hikes, an incredible e-biking experience, and visits through the two national parks nearby. One highlight of the trip was white water rafting down the Snake River, which I strongly encourage everybody who visits Jackson in the summertime to do. The entire Jackson experience was incredible, and even if you are not into hikes, I still believe anybody can have a great time.

3. Providenciales, Turks and Caicos

My family and I recently traveled to Turks and Caicos, and we all loved our stay. The beaches are stunningly gorgeous, and the weather was perfect in late May when we visited. Our entire family still raves about the Restaurant, Somewhere Café, and Lounge and their incredible food.

Providenciales is the perfect tropical destination and would be a wonderful vacation for friends and family. Some highlights were snorkeling, the weekly fish fry, and sailing. The island is stunningly gorgeous, and if you book a trip to Providenciales, it will not disappoint.

2. Exuma, The Bahamas

My family went to Exuma in 2019, and all four of us loved it there! We stayed at Peace and Plenty Resort with another family we know, and both of our experiences were incredible.

The waters are so clear and relaxing, so even just laying out on the beach feels elevated there. Highlights from the trip include swimming with pigs, swimming with sharks, and the many incredible conch salads I ate during our time there.

We also visited Tropic of Cancer beach, which is truly the most gorgeous beach I have ever seen. Everything about Exuma was perfect, and if there was one word to describe it, it would simply be paradise.

1. New York City, NY

New York City is my all-time favorite place! Some of my favorite activities in NYC are seeing Broadway shows, visiting the Empire State Building, and going on a boat tour around the city.

My favorite show I have seen is, without a doubt, Hadestown, although I did thoroughly enjoy watching Mean Girls. However, from my experience, almost any show you decide to see will be excellent!

The main reason I love going to New York is that every time I step foot there, I immediately fall in love with the city again and again. Whether it’s a stroll through central park, a walk down fifth avenue, or grabbing a slice of pizza from a corner store, there is always something interesting to do.

If you are interested in visiting, I recommend going in the fall or winter because I prefer the city in the cold weather.

Overall, New York City is truly somewhere everybody should go at least once in their lifetime. It will always and forever be my favorite place to visit!

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