How to Write a Perfect College Essay

Students submit several papers a year. Yet, these assignments always come as a challenge to many young people. Here is how to change your essay game for good.

Writing a perfect college essay seems like a very ambitious plan to some. Well, in reality, this goal is highly achievable as long as you have the right strategy to do so. After all, essay writing is a skill just like any other. So, dealing with essays in college doesn’t have to be all that bad. You just need to devise a clear action plan, break down your steps, and build a few tricks up your sleeve. The rest will follow. So, here are a few tips on how to upgrade your essay writing game and submit perfect papers each time.

Be wise with your time

Time is the key to success, whether it is about writing or any other homework. The earlier you start, the better work will go. You will have more chances at improving, researching, trying new approaches, editing, etc. Lack of time only leads to pressure, stress, and mistakes. Some people may praise themselves for working well under pressure. However, it’s more of an excuse to keep procrastinating.

A perfect essay takes effort, which means time and dedication. See how many hours you need per essay stage, from brainstorming topic ideas to editing. Plan your work schedule beforehand and stick to it no matter what. Without this step, the follow-up tips won’t work as well as they can.

Stay original

Each student has something unique to bring to the table. You have your voice, opinions, thoughts, logic, and ideas. Don’t try to shut those down and follow the traditional path. Instead, work with what you have. Be controversial if that’s what seems the closest to you. Be true to your beliefs and thoughts. As long as you can find evidence to support your theories and reasoning (from academic sources) for your ideas, each essay will succeed.

Remember, your teachers don’t look for well-cited academic sources that everyone else has also read. They want to hear your voice and see the depth of your logic. So, if you can provide them with that, you should be fine.

Learn before writing

Now writing should start with you typing the words on a blank paper – not if you know little about the topic anyway. So, typically, it’s best to start with research. Even if you feel like you know plenty about the subject, assess the information you have and seek other sources just to be sure.

The research will help you create a fuller, stronger, and more convincing paper packed with valuable data, facts, and other discoveries. Moreover, the more you know about the topic, the more comfortable you feel writing about it. Hence, you will approach the task with confidence, and certainly, you wouldn’t have otherwise.


Think of the limitless possibilities that you have before starting the paper. There are so many ways you can go, ideas to challenge, and new opinions to offer. The world (or the paper, in this case) is your oyster. Be sure to explore at least some fraction of the possibilities you have here.

Brainstorm every decision you need to make. Start with the topic, of course. You need something exciting, original, valuable, and yet familiar. A good topic choice is already half of your success. Next, create several drafts. Each one of them should probe different directions and styles. Only by creating several options can you truly find the strongest draft of all.

Ask for help

It’s okay not to have all the answers. That’s why you are in school in the first place. However, what’s not okay is to boil in that stress, pressure, and resentment instead of seeking help. Asking for a hand is not a big deal, yet it can tremendously help you progress in writing. For instance, you can come to teachers for advice or tips. Maybe you have hit writer’s block and need a way out. Also, try discussing your topic with friends and family. Voicing your ideas and issues out loud will help you find where the problem hides.

You can also seek help at SpeedyPaper. It is a professional writing service that has been helping students for years. So, you can seek specific services you need help with or order a whole paper.

Learn from your mistakes

Sometimes, we make mistakes without an essay. Academic writing is a complex process that requires skills, experience, deep knowledge of the subject, and lots of time. So, you might have missed the mark a few times in the past. There is nothing wrong with that as long as you use those errors for learning.

So, take a look at your previous papers and see where things went south for you. Perhaps, you’ve struggled with message delivery, style, or concise writing in the past. Maybe you misunderstood the task or have erred in citing styles. See where you need to improve and use that in the next assignment.

Don’t forget to edit

Last but not least, edit once your paper is ready. It’s best to wait a few hours or a day before starting the editing process. This way, you will rest and give your eyes a break. Now, look for any mistakes, inconsistencies, missed quotations, etc. Be sure to submit a fully edited version so no silly errors ruin your hard work.


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