To The Girls Who Think Like Me

To the Girls who think like me

They don’t want to see you, standing tall and high as rooted flowers, but you will be the Queen of the Prairie, and throw yourself against dry soil, root deep into the earth and bloom into gated backyards.
They will see your self-assurance as arrogance and will tell you to wipe away the reflection you’ve fallen so deeply in love with , but you will tell them that you love yourself more than your ears love to listen, you tell them to buy their own mirrors so you can slash them with the daggers in your eyes.
They will tell you that your voice is too loud, but you will dig deep in your soul and bring out that bass in your voice to tremble their numb bodies, you’ll let vocal cords wrap themselves against eardrums and squeeze them until the base pops.
They will tell you, that you are a show doll, fixed and confined to set standards, and you will break the plastic box that society has housed you in for too long, and twist it to it to your comfort.
They will tell you, that you are red meat, undone and raw, so you apply heat against your sides and show them that you are well done, cooked to perfection, and hard to chew.
They will equate pink to you as if you were twin sisters, but you will tell them that you can swallow the rainbow whole and spit out color variations like song lyrics.
They will tell you that you are just a girl with opinions, unheard of and unimportant, and you will tell them that you are a girl with backbreaking beliefs, whole and reflective, one of the best things you could ever be.

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