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To the Aspiring Doctor

To The Aspiring Doctor

Dear future doctors who are currently in high school,

So, you want to be a doctor…
The journey that you will soon embark on is a challenging one, filled with multiple years of schooling, hefty loans, standardized tests, and interviews. Often times, it will seem like the dream that you have dreamed of ever since you were a child is not worth it in the long run. Yet, to all of you who are willing to face all these obstacles and are confident that becoming a doctor is THE way to go, the BS/MD program will seem like an attractive option.

So, what is a BS/MD program? In simple terms, the average BS/MD program takes about 7-8 years to complete and culminates in the awarding of an MD from the program’s affiliated medical school. While the average pre-med applicant has to juggle extracurricular activities, a challenging college workload, and maintain solid GPA; students in many BS/MD programs have already received a conditional acceptance to medical school as a high school senior. In addition, those in many BS/MD programs only need to attain a minimum MCAT score and maintain a solid GPA in order to claim their seats in medical school.

Not every BS/MD program is the same. While some have an emphasis on research, others focus more on community service. Where you end up will most likely be the place which fits you the best.

Getting into any BS/MD program is a feat in and of itself. Since these programs are becoming more and more popular, thousands of applicants often apply for one spot out of the 20 or 30 or even 10 spots available to high school seniors. This involves getting stellar SAT or ACT scores, ranking in the top of your class, and having relevant personal experience in the medical field. Websites like this one: BA, BS, MD Programs List have a complete list of BS/MD programs across the country. Researching these programs early will give you the chance to fulfill the requirements set by the program directors for admission.

If you think that you have what it takes to apply to a BS/MD program, definitely do try. But, if you think you need more time to think about whether becoming a doctor is the best route for you, definitely wait.

Good luck in your medical journey!

A BS/MD Student


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