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Tips for De-Stressing

Life is stressful, very stressful.

School is starting again, your schedule is full, and you have other responsibilites to take care of on the side.

You have to set some time aside to de-stress — whether it be a few minutes or a few hours. De-stressing is very important and I’ll be happy to help you figure out way on how to do that!

It is always important to have time to settle down and have time for yourself. 

Many people de-stress by talking with or hanging out with friends, but that is not the only way to de-stress. There’s also sleeping (my personal favorite), eating (most likely my top 3), or just spending time by yourself.

De-stressing can also be more exciting things like cooking, baking, or doing the Tiktok hack you saw at 3 in the morning even though you should be asleep (we’ve all been there).

Cleaning is another one, I find it refreshing and fun if you listen to music while you do it. Or you could be like me and watch movies or play games on your laptop/computer. . . But it’s all about what you like!

Make your De-Stressing Plan

  • Look into your interests. What would you like to spend some time on?
  • Not sure? Try the quieter things, like reading or meditating. You may want to try limiting any connection to your cell phone or TV.
  • If your interest is messy (like cooking or baking), have a clean up plan or use the clean-as-you-go method.
  • Set a time limit with your alarm or timer for when your de-stressing time is up.

One Last Thing

Just remember, how you use your de-stressing time is up to YOU! Not your friends or siblings. You.

(Obviously with your parents’ approval)

So now go have fun de-stressing however you may do it. Remember: Stay safe, Be happy, and Live on!


Check out this article if you need some more ideas for self-care!

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    Great tips!

    March 5, 2023 at 1:45 pm
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