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The Time for Gift Giving is Around the Corner: Here’s an Easy Gift Guide

The Time For Gift Giving Is Around The Corner: Here's An Easy Gift Guide

Here are a few gift ideas for anyone that is slightly anxious about the socially distant gift-giving season coming up. I know the feeling because I always ALWAYS end up getting my gifts last minute. I’m talking Amazon prime gifts ordered on December 22nd. So to avoid that anxiety I have compiled a list of small gifts that you could possibly compile into a gift bag or box: some you can find in stores like Target and Walmart and some you can order from an online shop like Amazon and Etsy. 

  1. The Card: To me the card is the most important part of the gift. This is where you explain why you may have gotten them a specific gift. This is where you show your love for that person. I use to think nothing of the card that simply accompanies the gift, but now I actually spend time on each card I make/write. While I’m writing on a card or making one I think of how the person will react; I want them to be smiling and laughing, and I use that energy to determine the kind of card I need to write or make. One of my favorite card brands that I ALWAYS turn too for gift cards is Minted. You can find their products at Target. They are so cute and bring a smile to my face. They always have a design to portray my thoughts.
  2. Air Pods Case: We all have that one tech savvy friend with the Air Pods. So for them you can get super cute cases at Target, Urban Outfitters, Best Buy, and on online platforms like Amazon.
  3. Candles: Candles are such a great addition to a gift bag/box. You can find candles everywhere! Target has really cute ones and so does Walmart. There are also special candles that are scented as a specific place/state that you can get on Amazon.
  4. Facial Rollers: These are so fun. You can get mini rollers too which are great for small gift bags/boxes. You can find these at Target, Publix, Walmart, and on online platforms like Amazon.
  5. Face Masks: You can get sheet, clay, or gel masks in a lot of stores. Target has a huge variety of them and so does Amazon. You can find the Versed Purifying Mask from Target here.
  6. Posters/Artwork: Posters are such a fun gift that you can get from a lot of places. Etsy has so many options for posters with a huge variety of art and pictures. Amazon and Target also have a lot of options for cute artwork and posters.
  7. Blue Light Blocking Glasses: These are probably the best gift you could give a person with the situation the world is in right now. All of us are constantly spending so much time on our devices. These glasses help protect your eyes from the blue light that devices put off. Constant exposure to blue light can lead to early onset of vision loss therefore we should protect our eyes! Find a pack of three here.
  8. Cute Jewelry: You can find super fun necklaces or even bracelets that come with a meaning behind it. It may have a special stone or mineral in it that contributes to the interesting meaning. Find a guide to the meanings behind each mineral/stone here.
  9. Just Some Unique Stuff: Check out This is a great online shopping platform with unique items that are perfect for that one unique friend. They have products of alllll prices. They have little gift sets with different themes, and they have a lot of DIY kits.
  10. Last but Not Least: The best gift to give this year are some cute face masks. Not the skincare ones (those are awesome too) but the ones that keep your friend and everyone around them safe. You can find some here. Also another gift along this theme is staying home and socially distancing from people. Obviously this a personal choice but staying home and responsibly having social gatherings can stop the spread of this virus and help EVERYONE. So have fun this holiday season but don’t forget rona man is still here!Want more gift ideas? Check out Holiday Gift Giving on a Budget.

And remember if you shop on Amazon and go to and select GirlSpring as your charity, GirlSpring will receive a donation from Amazon each time you shop!


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