The Life of a Pageant Girl

Life of a Pageant Girl

As most people know there is such a thing as beauty contests, but a lot more goes into it that anyone knows. Coming from someone who as experienced the Miss America Outstanding Teen first hand I can tell you these beautiful girls put there heart and soul into it. Being in a pageant takes months to years of preparation. The typically pageant has Talent, Interview, and Beauty Walk depending on if your OT (outstanding teen) or Miss you will either have fitness or swim suit. None of it is easy.

The day is always an early start with showing up any where from 6:00 AM to 12:00 PM. The first thing everyone does is set up the area in which they will get ready in, but by the end of the day everyone has grouped together to get ready together. Once everyone has there area set up there is the meeting in the morning that goes over the itinerary and any unfinished paperwork. After everything is in order we begin learning the opening number which is the first dance when everyone can get a look at all the contestants including the judges. After everything is learned we typical eat lunch, then we begin talent rehearsals.

After talent rehearsals begins the more stressful part of the day, Interviews. This is when the judges get to have a one on one conversation with all the contestants. the judges ask questions ranging from what’s your favorite color, to anything political like who did you vote for? One thing never changes while we wait to go into the interview room it doesn’t matter that we are all competing for the same crown we all want the best for each other.

Even after all that the day isn’t over as everyone gets ready to go on stage to perform opening number. Once opening number is over everyone introduces them selves on stage, and the Miss contestants begin their onstage questions. While the Miss contestants are answering their question the OT’s are busy getting ready for the fitness portion of the evening. While fitness is going on Miss contestants are getting ready for swimsuit. Once swimsuit is done everyone does there talent. Once talent is finished everyone does evening wear. Once evening wear is finished we wait for ll the reigning winners to do there final walks then go onto stage for crowning.

I just described what it is like for the day of the pageant not even the months of practice of talent, going to stores and trying on every dress in the store, spray tans, nail appointments, Interview dress shopping, talent outfit shopping, meeting with coaches, and most importantly practice practice practice. Not to mention the pageant world gives out the best scholarships. Maybe next time before you look look at someone who does pageants and you judge them for doing what they do, stop and think for a minute about how much time and effort they put into what they do.

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