The Ballad of the Homefront

Congratulations to Emily Moore of Helena Middle School for winning First Place in Poetry at the The Young Writers’ Literary Awards, a statewide contest for students in grades six through eight.

Is it only me, who is waiting for you?
Or is it, in fact, that you’re waiting for me too.
It has been so long, and for how long still,
Will my heart be a void your love will never fill?
Woeful is my longing soul, my eyes are seldom dry.
I shall never be as strong as you, as much as I shall try.
Slow days turn to months and, in seconds, those to years.
Oh how many have passed, my love, since the day you left me here?
As I toss and turn in search of sleep I meditate on your troubles.
How could I be so unconcerned, to focus only on my struggles!
My sadness of your absence, the only emotion I can find,
Plagues my days, haunts my nights, and rots my cheerless mind.
Yes, there is love, plentiful and strong, powerful through and through.
But this love I have, stored deep inside, it is only truly for you.
For your gentle, bright, beautiful smile is a light I cannot live without.
Yes, dear I will stay here, always waiting, please do not let me down.

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