The 5 Best & Worst Things About Back to School


Everyone loves summer – we can sleep in, go on a vacation, and do all sorts of stuff! But all too soon we have to go back to school. And even though there are some things that we never want to have to do again, there are some good things about school. Here are the 5 best and 5 worst things about back to school!

Best #1: Seeing our friends again

I feel like most people would agree that this belongs in the best category. Even though you might not like school, we all love getting to see our friends everyday. But in summer you might not be able to do that. For 2 months you might be able to see them a couple of times. So when back to school starts looming over our heads, we always have a silver lining in the shape of our friends.

Worst #1: Waking up early

Now we all know the annoying sound that your alarm clock makes way too early to be legal. It is the worst when you are in a really good dream, but then you get woken up because you have to go to school.And on top of that it feels like you are still asleep for the first two hours of school because you didn’t get enough sleep. 

Best #2: Trying out for sports and clubs

We all have something that we love. And that thing can connect us to others. School helps us connect to others who like what we like with clubs. Also school helps us connect with sports. And come on, who doesn’t get at least a little bit excited about a football game? We all have something that makes us excited and with school we can connect to others like us.

Worst #2: Homework 

We all love summer because we get to sleep in and have fun but also because of something we don’t have to do over summer. And that thing is called homework. We have all asked the question, Why can’t teachers teach us everything we need to know with the 8 hours of the day that we have to go to school? Homework is not awesome, especially if you have too much. 

Best #3: Access to more books

Everyone loves a good story. And with school libraries you can have so many at your fingertips. Now with public libraries you can’t go there all the time but with a school library you can go everyday! Also if you are looking for a book for school your school librarian will almost certainly know where it is. 

Worst #3: Having to sit all day

We all have had that feeling when you just need to move. Unfortunately, when we have to sit in classes for eight hours a day we only really get to move in PE and the few minutes we have between classes. Let’s be honest though, who actually likes the games we have to play in PE?

Best #4: Getting to do fun classes

Now we all have those classes that we just hate. But we all have at least one class that we look forward to. For some it is an elective. For others it is a core class. We all can have one class that we love and want to do all the time! 

Worst #4: Not having a lot of free time

With clubs, sports, homework, and school, we don’t have a lot of time to just chill. It is the worst when you get home from school and realize you can’t just chill because you have homework and practice. Having to constantly be going and not being able to just relax gets really tiring.

Best #5: Learning cool facts about subjects you love

Lots of people just zone out during class and I can’t really blame them. But sometimes when you zone out you can miss some really cool things about your class. Also you could miss some really funny moments in your class. 

Worst #5: Having to deal with drama

We have all been there. When something happens in your class that everyone is talking about. Drama, what else is there to say. It can be so draining having to deal with it everyday. And I am going to be honest with you, whatever was so important today that made you so mad probably won’t even matter tomorrow and you will make up with whoever you were fighting with. 

With summer coming to a close we all want to make time stop. We always want to be able to do whatever we want. But we have things that we can look forward to as well. With that being said, homework is still the worst.

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