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    To What Extent Does Plumeria Bloom

    To What Extent Does Plumeria Bloom

    How am I to comprehend such beauty?

    Whether that be upon the

    absence of a petalless plumeria

    or a twigless oak.

    Comprehension of beauty is beautiful

    without footprints of rouge beyond

    birches. May

    it be an effervescence of

    elegance, in a kind of

    heart brought up boundless

    of tarnished wire.

    A manner by which

    undoubted purity,

    relinquished wrath,

    and unsought pride,

    and rightful accolades

    never know

    the idea of rareness.


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    The Air We Breathe

    The Air We Breathe

    A tear trickles down her face, brushing past

    her flushed cheeks.

    The drop vanishes into the threads of a linen skirt,

    as her eyelids fall like soft blankets to hide such

    glassy, swollen eyes.

    Each breath skipping a beat in time

    bringing sorrow into

    The air we breathe

    Chills sweep through every inch

    of her body,

    and the tales of winter set in a delicate soul.

    Her heart has frozen overtime

    but shatters in an instant.

    For each breath she takes leaves a scar to remind her

    of the time love betrayed her

    Bringing sorrow into

    The air we breathe

    Confusion buries her blessings as she wonders about the

    meaning of love.

    She longs for nothing more than to know how she lost

    such a precious gift.

    She screams into the night for forgiveness,

    only to find herself

    Bringing sorrow into

    The air we breathe

    One block over

    a mother is regretting the mistake she

    never meant to make.

    She holds an old photo in her hands of a girl

    with a delicate soul.

    She whispers into the night begging for forgiveness,

    only to find herself

    Bringing sorrow into

    The air we breathe


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    All the leaves hitting the ground
    Yet no one hears a sound
    They’re all slowly dying
    But everyone thinks of them as flying
    Why does everyone look around with gleaming eyes
    When it’s a never-ending cycle of disguise after disguise

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    Equality – a poem


    by Samone Davis

    Equality is the thing that’s in the world for mothers, fathers, boys, and girls. Blacks and whites, we were all separated from state to state we were segregated.

    I see every kid being whipped with wire, they’re being hurt and burned just like fire.

    Women and men, both are sensitive and feel. But women show it, and men conceal.
    For black lives to matter, we must stop the black on black blood splatter.

    So take one look at our past, because
    this will be the last.

    People should be who they want to be, not hiding in a closet unfree.
    Society needs to take a good look inside, we need to support LGBT pride.

    We all want to stop racism.
    We sent black and white men to die in war together, before we could be educated together.

    How come I see every day
    People who always find a reason to discriminate
    Why can’t I have the same opportunities,
    why can’t I be great

    Because mankind has taken the food from my
    plate and left me full of hate
    Let there be no gazing eyes, for equality shall rise

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    Hang Gliding: A Poem

    Hang Gliding: A Poem

    Icy splashes meet your toes with every bounding leap.

    A satisfying stretch arrives with every springing step.

    The dewy grass swiftly becomes

    An unending, jagged coast

    Where the gentle sky boldly collides

    With rolling, marbled waves.

    Fleeting nerves give way

    To sweet, unbridled glee.

    For what you’ve always longed for

    Was to reach the heavens and fly.

    To be tickled by the seaspray and dance,

    twirling in the breeze.

    For what you’ve always longed for

    Was the thrill of being alive.



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    Alone by Tatyana J.

    Loneliness is not a fun game
    Rain pours from your eyes
    Clouds cover your sun
    Dirt kicks you down below
    From where he grows
    The wolf is not the
    Only one howling
    The moon isn’t shining
    Because no one is out
    I’m bored and when one is
    With you, you still feel
    That one open space