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    I Am A Female Sports Journalist

    I am A Female Sports Journalist

    I Am A Female Sports Journalist

    And I Plan to be The Best

    I’ve always had a passion for watching sports, mainly football. I never really considered being a sports journalist until a year ago when I realized I’m good at calling plays and predicting what the announcers will say.

    So, I decided to pursue something I’m good at – covering sports at my high school.

    I created a Twitter page to post articles and interviews of players and coaches. I also started a “Senior Spotlight” dedicated to Senior athletes. Prior exposure is vital to being a good journalist, so I’m starting at school. Also, there are not many female sports journalists on television so my goal is to make it to the top.

    I’ve set my mind on this goal and I do not plan to stop.

    Although the process to get articles written and interviews scheduled has been tedious and stressful, my first Twitter post will be on March 4th. If you are interested in following me and staying updated, be sure to follow @mayakitchens on Twitter.

    My overall message is that it does not matter how much time and effort something takes to achieve, as long as you are having fun and are passionate about what you are pursuing, it will all be worth it in the end.

    This is cliché but one hundred percent true – never give up on your dreams!