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    My Take on “That Girl”

    my take on "that girl"

    Who is “that girl”? According to TikTok and Pinterest, she eats avocado toast along with other “aesthetic” meals, drinks matcha, reads books outside, goes to the gym, bullet journals, meditates, and wakes up at 6 am everyday… basically she has her life together.

    Some people say that the “that girl” trend is toxic and sets unrealistic standards for girls. But in my opinion, the “that girl” trend can be a beneficial inspiration for many people. All the aspects that are associated with “that girl,” like eating healthy, meditating, moving your body, reading, journaling, and overall trying to be the best version of yourself are not bad or toxic in anyway. They are actually great things to adopt into your lifestyle, which is why I think the “that girl” trend can help us all learn about ourselves and what makes us feel good.

    I do think, however, it becomes toxic when the trend puts an emphasis on the “good parts” of that lifestyle. I think it’s important to acknowledge even people who “have their life together” also have days when they feel down.

    Also, sometimes the trend is executed in a toxic way. For example, making a Youtube video titled “How to Be THAT Girl” and then saying harmful things like “you should workout everyday,” “all of your meals should be aesthetic,” “you should only use expensive skincare,” etc. Content like this tarnishes the perception of “that girl.”

    I also think it’s important to note that the attributes associated with this trend shouldn’t be limited to girls. Guys have every right to try and be the best version of themselves. I think there’s a stigma revolving guys journaling and doing the things “that girl” does, because of the way that society teaches “men = physically and mentally strong + show no sign of weakness” while “women = emotional + temperamental.” We all know these stereotypical attributes associated with “gender” are completely wrong – this is 2021.

    Here is a list of the common attributes of “that girl,” and the benefits of them.


    Having a planner is extremely helpful. It allows you to see what you have to complete now and even in the future. Having some sort of organization system helps me remember tasks I need to complete. It also helps me keep track of tasks that are just for my personal well-being.


    There is a lot of scientific evidence supporting the benefits of journaling. The act of writing accesses your left brain, which is analytical and rational. While your left brain is occupied, your right brain is free to create. So the act of writing removes mental blocks and “allows you to use all of your brainpower to better understand yourself, others and the world around you.” Journaling is different for everyone; some like to journal everyday, some only once a few months. Either way, journaling is a good way to learn about yourself.


    Reading is definitely not for everyone. I grew up reading a lot because I often had some free time and I hated being “alone with my thoughts” (which is an issue for another day), so I read instead. I think to get into reading you have to find a subject or genre that you relate to. Reading is known to reduce stress, aid sleepiness, improve brain connectivity, empower you to empathize with others, and fight depression symptoms.

    moving your body

    Moving your body in any way is extremely important for your overall strength and health. This also releases endorphins and helps relieve stress. It provides a break from everyday challenges and responsibilities. You don’t need a gym to “move your body.”  Instead, you could go on a walk, a run, or do a home workout that doesn’t require equipment. You could stretch or do yoga. These two at-home-workout Youtubers are my go-to: madfit and growingannanas. I also really love Ariana Elizabeth on Youtube for yoga and stretching.

    So in conclusion, we can all learn from this trend. We shouldn’t focus it on girls who seemingly have their lives together. Rather, we should invite EVERYONE to do the things that make them feel mentally and physically better.

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