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Fall’s Enchanting Poetic Dance

In hues of amber, crimson, and gold,

The season of enchantment unfolds.

As summer wanes, and twilight calls,

Behold the beauty of sweet fall.

The leaves descend in a graceful dance,

A symphony of nature’s romance.

They flutter, twirl, and softly sway,

On the gentle breeze of a cool day.

The trees adorn their festive dress,

A tapestry of nature’s finesse.

A mosaic of colors, rich and warm,

Like a painter’s stroke in every form.

The harvest moon, a radiant sphere,

Casts its glow on landscapes dear.

In the twilight’s amber gleam,

A whispered lullaby, a fleeting dream.

The scent of cider fills the air,

Apples ripe, a gift so rare.

Pumpkins carved with faces bright,

Guarding homes in the dark of night.

The sun, with gentler touch, descends,

A painter’s brush, it gently bends,

The days grow shorter, the nights grow long,

A tender prelude to winter’s song.

In the stillness of a misty morn,

The world awakens, all forlorn,

Yet, in this melancholic trance,

A mystic aura, a second chance.

A fleeting season, a transient art,

A masterpiece, a work of heart.

For in the cycle that never ends,

Each fall, a cherished gift, transcends.


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Alabama School of Fine Arts graduate of 2025 Math/Science Department

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