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Spring Brunch Places in NYC

Spring has been here since the beginning of March, and most of our social schedules have been quickly filled, but where should we go with our loved ones, enjoy good food, and take in the spring feeling?

When a girl is in the city, she must simply try these top brunch places in New York City that have been trending this spring season. Here is a list of locations you must try before the season ends. 


Lillie’s Victorian 

Head down to this restaurant in either Times Square or Union Square, which is inspired by a successful actress and socialite named Lillie Langtry. Langtry had many suitors during the late nineteenth century, including Edward VII of England, which made her exceptionally prominent for her time.

In the restaurant itself, I love the Victorian details added, especially for spring, which makes the ambiance wholly alive and buzzing with fun. This spring, Lillie’s Victorian has pink flowers added along the walls everywhere.

For brunch, Lillie’s serves a variety of foods, including matcha pancakes, avocado toast, steak and eggs, and much more. My personal favorite dish is the waffles, which come out very warm and aesthetic – they are great for photos!


Laduree Soho

Last weekend, I arrived at Laduree Soho for brunch with my friend. I was blown away immediately; their outdoor seating not only included minimalistic white marble tables and colorful drinks and foods, but with cherry blossom trees looming above us as we sat down. The ambiance was exactly how you would picture Paris in the Spring – majestic, grand, yet comfortable.

Laduree’s signature are their famous macarons, which have received widespread praise for their softness, crunchiness, and perfected flavors. In fact, macaron pyramids are available as well for catering or big parties. Make sure to get a reservation ahead of time as bookings get full very quickly! 



Next on our list is Pinto, which serves Thai cuisine in the heart of West Village. For private events, Pinto also has its own garden, which includes a secluded backyard garden. This spring, not only are there pink flowers surrounding the restaurant area, but the drink menu is particularly on point.

Spring drinks include the peach bellini, tequila bloom, and many other refreshers that are centered around a flowery, vibrant theme. Pinto especially stands out  because of its cozy, warm feeling unlike other places, providing a one-of-a-kind brunch experience for many.



Last but not least, Bonsaii provides a fusion of Asian and Spanish food on the first floor Concorde Hotel. Whether it is a rainy day or sunny day out, this indoor restaurant is extremely chic and modern, adding in a twist of spring with its flowery decorations.

Bonsaii serves dishes ranging from baked chicken empanadas to a truffle burrata, ensuring that our hunger is satisfied. Moreover, the overall intimate atmosphere and earthy surroundings enable a place for healing and enjoyment with our loved ones. Pinto is approved by me! 


Trying new foods is always fun, especially with friends! Click here to see how Girl Spring shows us how food affects our happiness!

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